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On tonight’s game:
“It was definitely a tough loss. On that last drive it just seemed like things didn’t go our way. We faced some more adversity. The kids are giving it everything they’ve got.”

On the reviews in Virginia’s last drive:
“I actually had a pretty good view. I saw the ball come out on the goal line. I saw it and I don’t think he had possession. You really don’t see anyone overrule too many calls anymore. I watched the replay on the Jumbotron and the receiver looked to be out of bounds to me on the fourth-down play. I know they are professionals up in the booth reviewing, so I’m sure they’re doing the right things.”

On the defense against Virginia:
“I thought for the most part when we were able to double-up on them we were okay. You just can’t double every guy, every play. Virginia made some adjustments, too and did some good things. You’re not going to win every play.”

On sophomore quarterback Chris Turner:
“He got some balls batted down. They bat down a lot of balls, but that’s happened to other people that just Chris. I think he played okay. I don’t think he played as well as he did before, but he played well enough for us to win.”

Maryland Player Quotes

Senior Tailback Keon Lattimore
On bouncing back next week :

“It’s a devastating loss. It’s Homecoming and a rivalry game. The seniors have to step up. We’ve been in this situation before. You can go one of two ways — you can go down the drain or you can keep fighting and turn this into a positive thing, a learning experience.”

On the Virginia offensive line:
“I take my hat off to their team. They played hard and they played well. It’s definitely hard to run against them, especially when you play them year in and year out. They know what to expect and what to plan for. I felt we did a good job in the first half but they changed some things up at the half and came out focused.”

Sophomore Quarterback Chris Turner
On Virginia’s winning touchdown:

“It wasn’t a good feeling. I was just crossing my fingers and hoping the defense would make a stand. That’s the way it goes. They played us lights out the whole game and we didn’t get many breaks.”

On the loss:

“We’ve been through this before. It’s not something we can’t recover from. Like I said before, it doesn’t feel good. No loss feels good, but it’s a long season. We’re about halfway through and we can come back for sure.”

Junior Center Edwin Williams
On the injury to OL Jaimie Thomas:

“It was a little disheartening when Jamie went down, but at the same time we’ve got to roll with it. I think we didn’t skip a beat whatsoever. Jack Griffin stepped in at right guard and we just kept rolling as an offensive line. Hopefully, Jamie can get healthy and get ready to go next week.”

On Virginia’s final scoring drive:
“All I could do was just cheer on our defense and let them know I’m there to support them. I can’t blame the loss on the defense whatsoever. Offensively, we made some mistakes and it’s not about pointing the finger. You just really try and get rid of the memory of this game and get ready for Clemson next week.”

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