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Haley Carpenter scored the game-winning goal for the Cavaliers as Virginia upset Duke 5-3 in the final game of the 2007 regular season. The game-winner was the second of her career; both of her goals have been game-winners. A Virginia Beach native, Carpenter was a part of the top-ranked recruiting class for the Cavaliers in 2007.

My favorite meal: Grilled cheeseburger, corn on the cob, green beans and pasta salad with mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert

My favorite sports figure: Shannon MacMillan

My favorite movie: The Little Rascals and Moulin Rouge

My favorite book: Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Shogging and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

My primary inspiration in sports is: Competing; competitive spirit

My advice to players is: No matter how many disappointments there are, keep striving to be all you can be and there is always greatness in the end.

The best thing about the University is: Lots of people to meet and a beautiful campus

My dream vacation would be: Some resort on a beach; very typical

My favorite place on Grounds: O-Hill and JPJA. I like eating.

My favorite moment in my personal sports history: 2005 National Hockey Festival Our last game (which we thought was a tie-breaker) was an all-out affair! Everyone on the team worked harder than I ever knew was possible. My coach kept me in at center mid the entire game. At the end of the game we were tied and sort of sulked off the field while coach Brandon and the others on the sideline were screaming for joy. We didn’t understand and then we found out that a tie meant we were ahead in the pool. We had won! The best thing about this was that a couple days later my mom told me that Coach Brandon kept me in during the whole game because I never gave up. No matter how tired I was, I kept going and she said she needed me in there. Coach Brandon was the best coach I could have every asked for and without her I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Why I play field hockey: I quit travel soccer after 10th grade to play. There is so much less politics in hockey than in soccer; plus it is just way more fun!

A brief summary of my early field hockey history: My sister played in middle school so I went to Virginia Beach field hockey summer camp in fourth grade and fifth grade. Then I went to middle school and made the team in sixth grade. Kaitlyn Hiltz’s mother was the coach. Seventh grade is when I really started. My mom took my sister and I to a Beach Premiere tryout. I had no idea what it was; I didn’t even know it was a tryout. I just thought, “Wow, everyone is really good!” I made this team and played ever since.

If could invite someone to dinner, it would be (and why): Dama, my dad’s mom, my grandmother. I miss her very much and I know she would cook if I went to her house.

Why did I choose the number I have? I like single digit numbers.

Please list any community service projects you do, either solo or with a group: I have done volunteer work at the Virginia Aquarium.

What is special about UVa field hockey: The field hockey team is the best team I could have asked for. The coaches are amazing at what they do. Each and every person has inspired me to want to play better hockey. Coming here to UVa to play field hockey has caused me to love the sport. I don’t know what life would be like without field hockey.

What is something about me that is unique/different? I like dancing … my own dancing, not for real dancing though.

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