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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 77, Florida State 58
Feb. 10, 2008

Virginia head coach Debbie Ryan
On being down 9-0 to start the game:

“I felt like we were emotionless to start the game. I worried in the locker room a little bit. We didn’t seem to have a lot of pop. We didn’t seem to have a lot of energy.”

On how she got her team back into the game:
“I did worry a little to start the game. I tried to put that aside and remind them that we didn’t want Maryland to beat us twice or have any part of this game. Unfortunately, I think they carried it into this game a little bit.”

On the play of Britnee Millner:
“I thought a key thing for us in the first half was Britnee Millner. I thought Britnee Millner went into the game and played her tail off, and it sort of brought the level of play up for everybody. I thought everybody kind of tried to match her energy.”

On the second half:
“At halftime we kind of straightened it out and came out and totally turned around in terms of who we were. We wanted to play like who we were, not what emotion was making us play like. I thought they did a great job in the second half of getting up and down the floor and getting in our tempo and not theirs and putting them away.”

Virginia guard Sharne Zoll
On the fun the team has when they are playing on the floor:

“It’s very fun. We’re not looking at it as we have five games left, but we’re looking at it a game at a time. I think we play our best when we are having fun, and when we are laughing and smiling. When we sit there putting pressure on ourselves, and we take things too seriously, then that is when I think we mess up, have turnovers, don’t score, and don’t make layups. When we just relax, and do what we have been doing since we were little kids, we play well together and win games.”

On fellow teammate Britnee Millner:

“I love Britnee Millner. Britnee Millner is on a whole other level of energy. Britnee brings so much energy and never stops. Its annoying playing her in practice because she never stops, but I’m glad that she is on my team and I don’t have to face her during games.”

Virginia forward Lyndra Littles
On the difference between the second half:

“I made shots, didn’t miss layups, caught the ball, and that pretty much covers it. We went out, and were just more focused. Sharnee Zoll and Monica Wright got me the ball, and I just focused on finishing shots, stopping them on the defensive end, and rebounding shots so we could get down the floor.”

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