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M Peter Lamade:

“Throughout the entire game, they (Stony Brook) were pushing out on Danny (Glading) at X. At the end of the game, my guy had to slide on to him. It was a pretty close shot. I would have been pretty mad if I did not finish it.”

“We just beat Stony Brook by two goals. You kind of have to be excited. We were up by 9-2 at one point, and they come all the way back. They made it close at the end, but a win is a win.”

“Every game is going to be hard this year. We certainly have the talent. I think that these games in the beginning will be good learning experiences for us. We have Syracuse at the end of the week, and they are supposed to be good too. We need to have a good week of practice and get ready for Vermont on Tuesday and Syracuse on Saturday.”

Head Coach Dom Starsia:

“It was an exciting lacrosse game today. I think that the fans got their moneys worth. Frankly, I think that you are likely to see more games like this everywhere in our sport. There are more players out there, and teams are catching up a little bit. That was a talented Stony Brook team, especially at the offensive end of the field. We knew they would be dangerous. We made a couple of plays at the end of the game when we had to, and we’ll certainly take the win.

“I never sensed that we let down. Even early in the game, we just weren’t stopping them. They did not have the ball much early, but when they had it, it seemed like they could get some good chances. That was troubling to me, even though we had a lead. I was not happy to be (ahead) 10-7 at halftime and I really didn’t want it to turn into a shootout, but it reached a point in the second half of the game where we just had do what we had to to win.

“I thought Bud (Petit) went into the game and gave us a little spark. Against a good Stony Brook team, we will take the win, learn some lessons, move on, and hopefully get better.”

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