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Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

Opening Statement
“When you play Clemson the first thing that comes to mind is their pressure. There were times when they really turned us over. I have to look at the film, but in the last five or six minutes and overtime, their pressure really did not bother us. We had to get the ball into the paint and when we did that it really opened up our offense. They are a good team and they got some perimeter shots and some drives and we survived. It feels good to win as a result.”

On surviving Clemson’s 14-0 run
“Our team has responded the same way they have over the last few weeks. When we lose we just come back into the gym and work. That is the same thing that happened during that 14-0 stretch. We did not let adversity affect us and it was all of our jobs to encourage each other and make the next play.”

On win
“They were happy obviously. They were joyful and congratulating each other. It is something we have to continue to do. We cannot let adversity affect us emotionally.”

On Sylven Landesberg
“We continue to go to him. He has proven this early in his career that he is not only a really good player, but also a big money player. He played unselfishly and found people open on the fast break. He has the confidence and the skills and I was happy he was able to make that basket at the end of the game.”

On breaking Clemson’s pressure
“We got some open looks today and tried to stay aggressive. When you break the pressure you have to look to score. If you have open looks from behind the three-point line you have to trust yourself. I am happy that we persevered through all of this today.”

On confidence from today’s win
“Obviously it helps. I look at it a little bit differently. Through this rough stretch it has not been easy on anybody. You have to continue to work and if you believe in the things you do every day, then at some point they are going to come true.”

Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

Opening Statement:
“Virginia really took it to us in the first half of the game. We talked for two days about keeping them off the offensive glass. Versus Florida State, they were very good getting on the offensive glass. The last seven or eight minutes of the first half, they hurt us there, which was partially responsible for their lead. Also, we turned the ball over 13 times in the first half. We turn them over 13 times, but we turned it over 13 times. We certainly weren’t sharp offensively by any measure. In the second half, we came out with a lot more energy; playing our game up-tempo, pushing it. Then, I don’t know if we got tired there at the end, but we didn’t defend in the last five or six minutes of regulation, and we didn’t defend the ball screen very well in overtime. I give Virginia a lot of credit. They are like most teams in this league. Any Saturday, any Sunday on their home court, they’re going to be tough, and they were tough today.”

On not calling timeouts on the last possession:
“I thought we were doing a pretty good job of attacking, and when we were attacking, we played better. I thought we could get to the basket, and obviously we did at the end of regulation We got three shots in the lane. You hope you get a foul called in that situation. I’m certainly not saying that there should have been [a foul called], but that’s kind of the mindset to get a lay up and go to the line.”

On the difficulties of stopping Sylven Landesberg:
“He is a very good athlete. He’s got great ball skills. He has like a point guard hand on the ball and he knows what he wants to do. He is a great driver and a great and-one guy. He’s got a good touch. He doesn’t have to get all the way to the rim to score he can shoot that little floater. He also has size and athleticism.”

Virginia guard Sammy Zeglinski

On going 6-for-6 from the field and playing an overall great game:
“I just wanted to come in and assert myself. I knew they were going to be pressuring the whole game. I turned it over a little too much, but in the end we were able to get the win.”

On coming off a win like this and how it will help the team against Virginia Tech:
“It feels good to have this monkey off our back. We’re going to come in Wednesday night with a lot of emotion, a lot of energy, and we’re going to compete.”

Virginia guard Sylven Landesberg

On how it feels to get a win after an eight-game losing streak:
“First of all, it was our first win in a few games. Second of all it was against a top-15 team. So it feels really good.”

On the last play in regulation, driving to the basket to tie it up and go into OT:
“It wasn’t planned like that at all. I was supposed to come off the screen, and get a shooter in the corner, but they switched on the screen, so I had to attack.”

Clemson Forward K. C. Rivers

On Virginia:
“They played well at home, that’s what happened. They played well at their own court. They’re not a bad team; they’re pretty good… [The ACC] is one of the best conferences in the world in the country. It doesn’t matter; we have to get ready for Maryland.”

On Virginia’s defense:
“I just kept a close watch. Any way I made my move, they were there. I guess we need to make adjustments.”

Clemson Forward Trevor Booker

On losing against Virginia:
“It’s a tough loss. It upset me, so hopefully it upset everyone else and focused us what we need to bring to the game. We have other games; Maryland is coming up. So, we have to look forward to that game.”

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