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A re-design of Virginia’s official athletics website,, was unveiled this morning. If you are having issues seeing the new design, please clear or empty the cache in the browser you are using. Listed below is a link to a web page that provides instructions (and screenshots) on how to clear your browser’s cache for all major browsers:’s-Cache

The new-look is easier to navigate and it integrates video into the home page. Fans can continue to access content by clicking on the link located below the main news section. The photos on the home page and sports pages also feature a wide-screen format to achieve a more graphic-based design. Additionally, users can browse through more stories without going to the archives page, thanks to the new scroll bar function on the right side of the news area.

The scoreboard moved to the top-right corner of the home page, allowing visitors to see how their favorite teams are performing without having to scroll down the page.

The features block moved up on the page and expanded from four to six available spaces on the home page.

We hope you enjoy the features and functionality of the new design.

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