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Senior Linebacker Darren Childs
On Nate Collins Touchdown:

“He did it. He got in. He’s faster than I thought he was.”

On the defensive touchdown:
“We’ve been emphasizing that a lot in practice. We were trying to just execute it and today it kind of showed up. I think the weather made a lot of us play a lot better. I know we have to suck it up.”

Senior Cornerback Chris Cook
On the defense scoring:
“We always want to score on defense. I don’t know about the defensive line. I know they love to score, but in the secondary we always have a contest about who’s going to get the most picks and who is going to score on defense.”

On Nate’s touchdown:
“I have no idea. My back was to the play because I was in man-to-man coverage. I just turned around when I heard the crowd cheering and I saw Nate running into the end zone. That was a big play. Maybe without that play, we wouldn’t be sitting here with a win right now.”

Senior Fullback Rashawn Jackson
On his performance:
“I’m just going out there to play football. I’m a football player. Whether it’s running the ball or blocking, doing whatever I need to do, that’s what I did. So I’m happy that we were able to hang in there despite the weather, despite some of the calls and come out with a win.”

On their winning streak:
“The team doesn’t believe in streaks; it’s only one game at a time. Now we’ve got to get ready for tomorrow so we can focus on the next week. The next opponent doesn’t care about today. You have to take it one game at a time and prepare like it’s your last so we can actually go out there and get these wins.”

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