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Virginia vs. Georgia Tech
Oct. 24, 2009
Georgia Tech Player Quotes

Junior Running Back Anthony Allen
On winning in Charlottesville for the first time since 1990:
“Coach gives us all the motivation – we had a lot of firsts this year and this has to be one of the biggest ones.”

On wearing down the Virginia defense:
“When we had that 11 minute drive – as A-backs, we are rolling in and out. We are staying fresh as we’re coming in looking at the lineman across from us. That dog tired. We knew we had them right then.”

On the difference makers between this season and last season:
“We are just playing as a team. We are trying to finish. We are practicing hard, getting ready for our games better – we are just playing as a team a lot better this year.”

On the effectiveness of the triple option:
“I was just going to my assignments, but with the triple option they have to stop three valuable assets to the game – they have to stop the dive, they have to stop the quarterback, and they have to stop the pitch. Sometimes you can tell that they get weary going to stop one part while they are trying to get to another part.”

On the success of the pitch:
“With the 3-4 defense that they run, they have the second man on line which is usually the guy we pitch off of and he was coming up and trying to play the pitch and the quarterback, but he had to determine which one he wanted. He was taking the quarterback and then sometimes he couldn’t get out.”

On the significance of the win:
“We came into the locker room at halftime and we knew we were playing for the championship. We were playing to go into first place. We had to come out in the second half and take it home. We had to play smash-mouth football and that’s what we did.”

Junior Running Back Jonathan Dwyer
On field conditions and effects:
“I wouldn’t say it was difficult to cut. It was difficult to burst – felt like you had 20-pound weights on your feet. That was kind of unusual. I wasn’t used to that since high school.”

On intensity:
“I guess a lot of guys on the team were challenging me to go full speed and go all out throughout this whole game and take every opportunity that’s given to me. I was trying to make a play to get the team fired up.”

On breaking tackles:
“My position coach [Brian] Bohannon keep telling me on the head set, ‘Keep plugging, keep plugging. You’re going to break one sooner or later. So just keep playing.’ That was my mindset throughout the whole game.

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