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Freshman Quarterback Dave Shinskie
On his scoring play:
“We didn’t have a quarterback sneak on our wristbands, so we had Montel (Harris) go over and get it really quickly. We didn’t have a lot of time so we had to hurry up and get the play off, and I just went straight ahead and then rolled to the side and got hit a little bit, but it’s a great feeling – that first touchdown.”

On making mistakes and coming back from them:
“I think that’s what good quarterbacks do. If you make a mistake, you’ve got to put it behind you and just play the next down. I’m really proud of my guys because they hung in there, and I put it on the line the last two drives and told them, ‘We have to get it going. We have to get Montel going. We have to lean on these guys and pound them,’ and that’s what they did.”

On holding the offense together:
“For a couple of series, we got a little lost there, so I just tried to get in the huddle and say, ‘This is our drive. This is what we’re going to do.’ We got backed up, but we made some good plays and ended up chipping our way toward a first down. Then we got down into the red zone.”

On his throw to teammate Rich Lapham:
“I didn‘t have room for any error to throw that ball and I knew I had to throw it to either him or [Justin] Jarvis going deep. I figured he was the best target and I just put it over the guy’s shoulder and Rich made an awesome catch.”

Freshman Linebacker Luke Kuechly
On the team’s play today:
“It was a good team win. The defense played really well today. We did what we really wanted to do and shut down their running game. We kind of double-teamed [Jameel] Sewell and as far as running goes, we did a really good job with that.”

On the last fourth down stop:
“Mike [Morrissey] was the one who got him. He came from the side and grabbed his legs, kind of tripped him up a little bit. I just kind of jumped over the top.”

Junior Linebacker Mike Morrissey
On stopping UVa’s final drive:
“We knew they were trying to pass. We were a little nervous. They had gone all the way down the field, but we knew they needed a touchdown. Once we’re backed up to the line we’re tough down there. We saw them scramble out and I knew where the line was, so in my mind, I was just trying to keep them short of it.”

On the defense overall:
“We have a lot of pride in our defense and I think we played great today. They’re a very good team and we can’t really take that away from them, but we came out determined to keep them out of the endzone. We made plays when we needed to.”

Sophomore Running Back Montel Harris
On his 150 running yards:
“It was pretty rough out there. As soon as you got past the line of scrimmage, there was a defender there, so I had to grind it out.”

On hitting the 1,000-yard mark:
“That was my goal for this season, and I accomplished it. Thanks to the offensive line, they have been blocking hard all year.”

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