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Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
Nov. 28, 2009
Virginia Tech Coach Quotes

Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer
Opening Statement:
“I am proud of our football team. They came in here and it was a battle. I thought a couple things happened for us that were good in the second half: the fumble that we recovered turned the game around for us. Give Virginia credit. I thought [Jameel] Sewell was pretty good today and ran hard. They are a different team when he’s a healthy guy. It was tough sledding in there and fortunately we got a break and got the game going our way. I’m proud of our guys too – we came in tonight and really played hard and played well in the second half. Well, played well throughout, but I’m really proud of what happened there in the second half. I am proud of our program.”

On containing Jameel Sewell in the second half:
“I thought the defense made some good adjustments there, getting their slide going toward the way he’s running the little kick-out play. I’ll tell you he is tough, he is athletic, and he can run.”

On the fumble recovery with the score 14-13:
“It was a good play by us and it was a good play by Nekos Brown getting it down to the 10 [yard line]. In a game like this – rival games – one play kind of turns it around and I thought that one did.”

On speaking with Virginia coach Al Groh postgame:
“It wasn’t a conversation, but he congratulated us and that was it.”

On the offensive play of Ryan Williams:
“You keep running him and he is pretty good about not getting tired. I thought [David Wilson] showed up out there today too. I thought that speed showed out there. That last touchdown was a nice run.”

On the play of Danny Coale:
“He’s as dependable as it gets. You know exactly what you’re going to get – make the catch, make some tough catches. He and Tyrod [Taylor], when they hooked up for that first down, what a play that was. That’s kind of rewarding: you come out there, your kids make plays in a big ball game like this. I am proud of our football team. I think we have improved after the two losses there in the middle of the year. It was a challenge to these kids and these coaches to get better and I think we have gotten better. I’m proud of what we are all about.”

On the statement made with the last four wins:
“I think we are in there. We have a critical bowl game – I don’t know where its going to be or who its going to be against, but I know if we can win it, it will be 10 wins and anytime you can win 10 – that’s a days work. We are going to approach it just like last year. I told our guys we are going to go out there and practice next Saturday and make sure whoever we are playing against, we are going to be ready to play a great ballgame.”

On throwing at Ras-I Dowling:
“He is aggressive over there and I think I ran by him a couple of times and then he started guarding deep a little bit and we threw one underneath him. I think we are getting to where we have a couple receivers that can, if it’s one-on-one, have a pretty good chance. He’s a good player; he’s been a good player for them.”

On physicality:
“There is no question [that physicality is a factor]. I give Virginia credit. They are tough guys and a tough program. We came in and one of the things we stressed was this was going to be a physical football game and I think both teams played that way. I was proud to see us hold up our end of the deal.”

On one play changing the course of a game:
“I think when you make it an eight-point game instead of a one point game, in a game like this, I think it makes a big difference. I was glad for us to be able to continue to move the football and for us to be able to stop their offense because they came out and they were good today.”

On continuing the series win streak:
“We certainly have respect for their program. We have been on a good run; we have been fortunate. When you go on streaks like this, I think they just go like that sometime. They have had some tough injuries. Like I said, I think they are a different team when Sewell is a healthy guy and he was healthy today. You know they have had some tough luck and I have been in this thing long enough to know that some seasons go that way. You have to give them credit-they hung in there tough and kept playing hard. I think you have to give them credit.”

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