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Jan. 20, 2010
4:58 p.m.

CHARLOTTESVILLE — At John Paul Jones Arena, in the office of the head men’s basketball coach, is a football. It’s inscribed “To Dick and Tony” — the Bennetts — and signed by Brett Favre.

Wisconsin native Tony Bennett grew up in Green Bay, starred for his father, Dick, at UW-Green Bay and, not surprisingly, still roots for the Packers. And though Favre is now in Minnesota, old loyalties die hard.

“I’m twisted,” Bennett said after UVa’s practice Wednesday. “I wish he were at Green Bay, and I’d love to have seen him there, but I still think Brett Favre is an amazing quarterback.”

The New Orleans Saints host Favre and the Vikings at the Superdome on Sunday night, with the winner clinching a spot in the Super Bowl XLIV.

Rest assured, Virginia center Jerome Meyinsse will be watching. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, La., Meyinsse said he’s not some casual observer who hopped on the local team’s bandwagon this season.

“I’m a long-suffering Saints fan,” said Meyinsse, who’s in his fourth year at UVa. “I’m glad they’re having success this year.”

To celebrate, Meyinsse added, “I went out and bought me a Drew Brees jersey. I’ve rubbed it in all my friends’ faces — Redskins fans, Eagles fans, Giants fans, all those people.”

He has yet to engage in any trash-talking with his coach, but Meyinsse didn’t seem especially worried about No. 4 heading into Sunday night.

“It might be Brett Favre’s last game,” he said, smiling.

­Jeff White

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