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Members of the Virginia softball team – both student-athletes and coaches – will be revealing 20 random facts about themselves to each weekday leading up to the team’s season-opener on Saturday, Feb. 13th at the Elon Tournament in Elon, N.C. Up next is freshman infielder Alex Skinkis, who hails from La Plama, Calif.

1. When I was little I played the violin and was part of an orchestra.

2. I love to longboard/skateboard, especially the boardwalk at the beach.

3. Until I went to college, I never moved. I’ve lived in the same house all my life.

4. When I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist.

5. I am afraid of spiders.

6. I love to watch old movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel.

7. I took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday possible for lunch from preschool through high school.

8. Geese attacked me while I was feeding ducks at a pond when I was three and my mom had to pick me up and run with me.

9. I was in Indian Princesses when I was little, which is the YMCA version of Girl Scouts, where fathers and daughters go camping once a month.

10. I learned to dirtbike when I was seven in my friend’s backyard and ran straight into a fence because I was trying to shift gears to go faster.

11. I like to boogey-board and skim board at the beach.

12. People enjoy trying to come up with new versions of my last name: Skink, Skinkosaurus, and Skinis are just a few.

13. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because I love to buy fireworks.

14. When I was little, my two favorite movies were Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin.

15. I used to have a pool table in my basement and played frequently.

16. All the kids on my block had marshmallow guns when I was little and we used to have marshmallow wars.

17. I enjoy listening to the Beach Boys, but I like all kinds of music.

18. In sixth grade, my science class raised silk worms and then ate them for extra credit.

19. I can double-dutch jump rope.

20. My favorite color is emerald green.

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