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Members of the Virginia softball team – both student-athletes and coaches – will be revealing 20 random facts about themselves to each weekday leading up to the team’s season-opener on Saturday, Feb. 13th at the Elon Tournament in Elon, N.C. Up next is sophomore shortstop Clara Kendall, a native of Jacksonville, Fla.

1. One time I got stuck on top of Stone Mountain during a thunderstorm … scary!

2. I’m very picky about athletic clothes; I prefer Nike.

3. My first experience with snow was attending the University of Virginia.

4. When I was little I wasn’t a fan of Disney World or Disney Films.

5. I’ve never really followed or had celebrity idols, I’ve always been most influenced by the achievements of those around me, mostly those of my own family.

6. My dad once told me I gave such good speeches that I could be a con artist, and he was serious.

7. I’m afraid of not matching and am often annoyed when others do not.

8. When I am watching TV or listening to music the volume has to be on an even number.

9. I have always wanted to be a boxer, but my mom wouldn’t let me because she didn’t want to see me get knocked out for the first time. I told her not to come.

10. I love family! I’ve been blessed to be from a lasting interracial marriage, received the joys of two older siblings, yet dreamt of longer/closer relationships with grandparents, and most happy with the gifts of my two nephews!

11. I’m very into faith, and in love with the idea of and the rewards of having faith in religion (Christ).

12. I was a better baseball player than I have ever been at softball.

13. I’m shy, but often more shy around people I know than those I don’t.

14. I got to play against the Japanese Olympic team with my summer ball team and we almost won. (3-2)

15. I love my Jeep, but I hate driving. I get motion sickness if I’m in the car longer than 15 minutes.

16. Patience is a virtue … I lack.

17. I have never been employed due to the demands of sports, however I actually get really excited when thinking about one day having a 9-5.

18. I’ve always wanted to travel out of the country to see and experience what other cultures are like.

19. I’m good for excuses. I set great goals but I sometimes get lost in the process of achieving them.

20. Most importantly: I have the worst roommate in the history of life (teammate Giannina Cipolloni). She got us kicked out of our house. Our landlord is her father. Where do they do THAT?

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