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Bailey Fogarty has stepped into a starting position with the women’s lacrosse team this season. Formerly a midfielder, Fogarty has made the transition to defense and helped Virginia to a four-game win streak over nationally ranked opponents throughout March.

The Cavaliers will be tested at 7 p.m. tonight, taking on No. 20 James Madison at Klöckner Stadium, before a quick turnaround sends the No. 5 Cavaliers to No. 3 Duke on Saturday for their eighth-straight game against a ranked opponent. Game time is slated for 1 p.m. at Koskinen Stadium.

Question: As a midfielder last year and a defender this year, what made you make the transition to defense?
Fogarty: Although I mostly played attack in high school, I definitely see myself more as a defender than an attacker. The coaches switched me last year in order for me to fully focus and understand the defensive unit.

Question: I read something a while ago about when you were in high school, you were playing attack in a high school game against Liz Downs and that was when Virginia’s coaches noticed you during the recruiting process. What is that story? Or how did you end up coming to Virginia?
Fogarty: I got recruited to play at Virginia in a very unexpected way. I had missed the whole recruiting process due to my ACL injuries, so I was only being looked at from coaches who had seen me play my freshman year. The UVa coaches were supposed to come watch my high school team play against St. Stephens/St. Agnes, but couldn’t make it. I had a really good game that day, and when I got home I had an e-mail from the UVa coaches who had heard about the game. I have to say I’m very lucky!

Question: You’re now playing alongside Downs as a starting defender. How does it feel to be starting and playing defense?
Fogarty: It is awesome that I get the chance to play. I feel like I am learning new things everyday about defense, which makes it fun. I’ve always looked up to Liz as a player and she’s made my transition to defense so easy because of her great advice and support.

Question: Do you miss the attack?
Fogarty: No, I actually enjoy playing defense more than attack now. And I’m happy that I don’t get all those bad bruises down my arm… sorry attackers!

Question: This is a big week for you. Your mother, brother and sister all went to Duke, with your brother and sister playing lacrosse for the Blue Devils. Will they be at the game? If so, what color will they be wearing?
Fogarty: Yes, my mother will be there decked out in orange. She definitely enjoys arranging her outfits more with orange than dark blue. My sister won’t be there due to the far distance and I am not sure if my brother will decide to come.

Question: Do they give you a hard time about choosing to play for one of their conference rivals?
Fogarty: When I told my sister about my decision to come to Virginia, she replied by saying “if UVa would have called me back, I would have gone there in a second!” My brother on the other hand still gives me a hard time, but that’s only because he enjoys doing that. Oh, and my mom still talks about how she regrets not coming here, I have to keep reminding her how it’s a little too late for that.

Question: Did you ever play lacrosse with your sister?
Fogarty: I never competitively played with her due to the difference in age. However, the summer before I went to college my sister, Lane, and Claire Bordley would play lacrosse with me and give me advice. Since Lane was a Duke defender and Claire was a Virginia defender, I kind of only listened to Claire.

Question: The team also has a game against James Madison this week, at home on Wednesday. How important is that game?
Fogarty: Our goal for this season has been to consistently improve with each game. Each game is extremely important. We definitely won’t take JMU lightly.

Question: Do you have a favorite team to play?
Fogarty: Nope, they are all fun!

Question: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Fogarty: Whatever makes me laugh.

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