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WAHOO! WAHOO! Lucas Ryan Bolen is undoubtedly the most devoted,spirited young boy for the UVA Football program. Since the age of 4; Lucas always dreamed of running like Wali Lundy for lots of touchdowns for UVA and he fell in love with such a wonderful group of young men! You see; my son, Lucas was diagnosed at age 2 with Cerebral Palsy. He had to have an operation to turn his feet so he would be able to even walk. He was in braces so his dream of running like his hero Wali was not in the plans. So; Lucas just fell in love with the guys and UVA football.

Why is he so devoted and spirited. Here are just a few things about Lucas’s love for UVA football: His room is completely in orange and blue! His walls are filled with posters, signed footballs, gloves that he gets at some of the games; he will not wear anything unless its in blue and orange colors; his teachers have asked him many times at school; if he owns any other colors and he replies:”Even my underwear are UVA!” And that is true! His sheets on his bed are glow in the dark UVA! But; what makes him so devoted is that at the games he’s been able to attend; he makes sure to be at every parade; he gets in the stadium as early as we can and he stands at the goal post until the start of the game. When the game is at the close; Lucas never wants to leave! I remember last year when we lost some of the games; Lucas would cry not because we had lost. He would say: “Momma, it’s alright; they tried their best!” Lucas has never lost sight of what being a fan is all about! Lucas has a 3 1/2 cm anarchnoid cyst in his brain which has led to many seizures now and its now deteriorating tissues around his brain. But this never stops him! He’s a strong fighter and those guys at UVA have made that possible!

The other reason for entering Lucas in this contest is because I am a single mom of two. Amber, my daughter is in college now; and of course there is my hero,Lucas! I can’t afford to get tickets and I have been able to do so last year and the year before but I am not able to do so for this year. I dont’ want to disappoint him so we felt like this was our best shot!

On a final note: picking Lucas for season tickets would make dreams come true for him! His doctors won’t allow him to play any sports at this point due to seizures and the cyst so he doesn’t get to do lots of things his friends get to do; but in concluding; God has blessed our family and he has had his hands on Lucas but the encouragement from the guys over there to him when he gets to see them; brings so much joy to him! He knows all about what’s going on with UVA football; he reads everything; watches the new tv show and gets every magazine that comes out that has UVA in it! He wears a hat his sister made him that says: “#1 fan, UVA Football!” To us; he is truly a number one fan! Just ask Coach Poindexter!

He will defend those guys at any time!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to enter this contest. This is a shot for our family and for Lucas to have one of his dreams come true for this year. He’s never had season tickets! What a great way to start a new school year for him!


Lisa S.Bolen, mother of Lucas R. Bolen

Buena Vista, VA 24416


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