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My name is Som Patasomcit. I live in Richmond. I came to America and then to Virginia from Laos to Thailand as a refugee at the age of twelve. Early in my life, I applied for citizenship and by studying our U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, I have really learned to appreciate the character and integrity of our third president; Thomas Jefferson the beloved founder of the great University of Virginia. This made it an easy choice for a college program to support. Although I did not attend College or University, I am proud to be a loyal fan of the orange & blue. I have now a family of five of my own and my eldest son has decided to enlist in the services of the Marine Corps. I always put up UVA flag on front porch and back yard deck to show why I am a loyal fan to support the College sport programs Thursday through Sunday, and repeat this tradition during the entire football season.

My friends, co-workers and neighbors always recognize my car, house and myself for having the Cavalier spirit, i.e.: Car flag is attached to my car for support. I wear my UVA Cavaliers T-shirt to work every Friday to represent the team and to promote the football team. I have a UVA key chain that I carry with me everyday. I have a welcome UVA logo mat. The UVA Cavaliers as with Mr. Jefferson represent good character, good student-athlete attitude, and a great positive self image for the University. Although I am excited about the new changes, I am a loyal-stand tall fan and not a fair – weather fan because I will stand up and stand behind no matter what; I support the football coaches, the student athletes, and University of Virginia, because I am a die hard fan.

I am a passionate fan; because my emotions run high. I shed my tears when Anthony Poindexter received a knee injury in his senior year. I felt really badly for him personally and what his talent meant to the program. I consistently watched Virginia’s Football: “The building of a program,” episodes every Monday since it debut. This is a great way for me to keep updated on the program, coaches and players. I listen to the games on radio in my car even at the expense of my family if we are on the road together. In my work place, I have painted my forklift blue with orange lettering – ‘VIRGINIA’, ‘Go – Hoos – Go – VIRGINIA CAVALIERS.’ I have the UVA logo as bumper stickers, window decals, license frames on my car. I have an antenna flag, antenna football helmet, a UVA logo plaque on my desk at work. I hang Virginia 2010 poster on the wall, pennant, 8.5 x11 pictures of CAVMAN ‘Big Al,’ Cavman on the horse, serious cavman picture, and split V logo picture on my cubical wall.

This past year and with great excitement, I took the opportunity to meet and greet the coaches at Westin Hotel on W. Broad &I-64. In addition, took part in the commercial shooting and I went to the new football uniforms show. I met Morgan Moses, Marc Verica, and Mr. Charles McDaniel. Many pictures were taken of me with the new and improvement of the UVA football equipment truck, and players at the spring football game. Again, I am excited about Coach Mike London becoming The University of Virginia head football coach.

Just a few more notables, I also am a collector of UVA football memorabilia. I have UVA football players 8×10 action photo frames hang on the walls, UVA footballs, UVA helmet, UVA mini helmets, UVA football jerseys, UVA T-shirts, UVA team gnome, University of Virginia 8×10 photo frame, UVA clock, orange chairs, trash can, desk lamp, and a UVA replica model of Scott Football Stadium. I have 8×10 photo frame of Coach Mike London and I- autographed on top of the book case. I have Mr. Jefferson’s bust to remind me once again the reason for my great enthusiasm for this great University. I am proud of these young student athletes – win or loose. I will show spirit I have for the Cavaliers either by wearing my UVA Cavalier football T-shirt, wear my cap, jacket, or coat whether it is a sporting or non-sporting event and function.

Thanks for considering Som as UVA’s great football sport enthusiast!!!

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