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August 21, 2010
By Simone Asque


It was so fun to finally play a full match out on our home court in Memorial Gym! In practice, we have played game like situation drills but normally they are only for five points or have a specific objective or thing that we must do. It felt good to just play a straight game and really compete for a whole match.

First thing in the morning, we met up early and had Bodo’s for breakfast 🙂 Then after breakfast we got on the court for an hour of serve and pass and going over rotations. After serve and pass, normally we all go home before we come back for pre-match warm up begins, but because so many people were moving in today, traffic was ridiculous! So most of us enjoyed our lunch in the locker room and just hung out – which of course is always fun! 😀

Before we stepped on the court for the start of warm up, we watched some video of ourselves to evaluate how we are executing our technique and systems and what we may need to adjust before we scrimmage. And then after warm up, the match began!

I’m going to assume it was fun to watch because it was definitely fun to play! Playing and competing is always fun, but when there are good rallies with everyone wanting to win, the intensity is electrifying and so much fun to play with.

Also Jenny, our assistant coach, stepped in and played with us and let me tell you – she’s still got it! Jenny set for one team while the other ran a 6-2 with our setters Beth and Rachel G. The first two sets were close, but each time one team had a few points lead in the end of the set.

In the last two sets though, the scores both went beyond twenty-five points and were extremely close. We played four sets and both the blue and orange teams split evenly, each winning two sets.

It was great to have our team get on the court and play and I can’t wait for next week when we have our first match!

Go Hoos!
-$imone #11

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