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This weekend we played Duke and Wake Forest.

After the Duke game, we welcomed our alumni to Mem Gym (which has been revived since the time most of them played here). We first spent time chatting and comparing experiences and then took them to the locker room, where they shared some advice their coaches once shared with them.

It was definitely disappointing to lose both matches this weekend though, especially since we spend so much time preparing for each match. But we know that the ACC is a ‘mess’ in terms of standings, with everyone beating up on each other, so with as little as just one win, it can put you about eight places higher in rankings.

Next weekend we’re hoping to WIN by fixing our errors from last week and continuing to execute what we do well. We only play NC State and UNC once this year, but every ACC match is of equal importance, so we prepare the same for all of them. But by winning both matches this coming weekend, it could propel us to as high as 3rd or 4th in conference and give us momentum for the second round of ACCs!!

One of the strengths of our team has always been how well everyone gets along, so staying together is something we almost take for granted –but it’s definitely something good to reflect on and be thankful for. We learn from each other’s mistakes in practice and as upperclassmen, we try to help the first years remember everything like blocking schemes and defenses. I also think that our closeness helps us help each other of the court, so outside events don’t become an interference.

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