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The No. 7 Virginia women’s soccer team concludes its home regular season schedule on Thursday when it hosts NC State. talked to senior midfielder Lindsey Miller to discuss this week’s games, including her senior night against the Wolfpack.

Question: This Thursday is your senior night as you host NC State. What are your thoughts as you and your class get ready for your final regular season game at Klöckner Stadium?

Miller: It has been a wild ride. We have worked so hard over the last four years and had a lot of memories. It’s funny, one day you are a freshman and you are decorating the locker room for the seniors on their senior night and then all of sudden, it’s you. We are all excited for it. As a class, we want to go out big, so even though it’s our senior night, we know we still have a lot of soccer yet to play.

Question: Does it change your feelings about the game that it might not be your final game at Klöckner, if you get to host some NCAA Tournament games?

Miller: Obviously we are hoping for the best and that we get to play at home in the NCAAs. You never know. This could be our last game at Klöckner. I hope it isn’t, but it could be. Knowing that I don’t many games left at Klöckner, it kind of makes me sad. I am excited, but it is kind of bittersweet.

Question: The last two weeks the team has built a four-game unbeaten streak. How important is it to keep that momentum going this week as you head into the ACC Tournament next week?

Miller: We are playing some awesome soccer right now and we need to keep that up when we get to the postseason. I don’t even think we have peaked yet as a team, which is good. I think we have better soccer ahead of us, which is scary to say because we have been playing well recently. We just need to take these games one at a time and keep trying to improve.

Question: You have started every game this season after coming off the bench during your first three seasons. Has that been different for you?

Miller: It is definitely different. You have to have a different mentality when you start. You have to be ready from the start. You don’t get the feel of the game from watching from the bench before you get out there. I love being able to start. It is something I have always hoped for and worked hard to get to this point.

Question: This week you end the regular season against NC State and Clemson, who are the bottom two teams in the standings. How do you make sure you keep your level of play at a high level?

Miller: You can’t take any team in the ACC lightly. If you look at NC State’s results, they have may have lost a lot of games, but almost all of them were close. They can play with anyone in the league. We lost down there last year, so we know they are a strong team. We just need to focus and find a way to get two victories this week.

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