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Freshman Kelsey Wolfe (Germantown, Md.) recently checked in with to talk about her first year as a Cavalier. Virginia returns to action on Saturday (Dec. 18) at John Paul Jones Arena vs. UMBC.

Question: The team has had a break from competition due to exams. What has the focus been during this time and what will you look to bring against UMBC on Saturday night?
: Our practices have been a little shorter because of the exam schedule, but we have worked on keeping the intensity up. We have to practice efficiently because of the fact that we have to get in and get out. My exams are kind of spread out so I’ve been lucky to have the time to concentrate on both studying and basketball.

Question: Being a freshman, what has been your biggest adjustment transitioning into college basketball?
: Just knowing what your role is going to be in college. In college my role is not to score all the points. It’s to make other people better. It’s definitely faster and I need to work on my quickness, especially on defense. I might not be the quickest guard on the floor, but I have to defend very quick guards.

Question: What went into your decision to come to Virginia?
: The location and how close it is to my family was a big factor. Also academics and the fact that the coaching staff made me feel so welcome here.

Question: You are a member of a three-player freshmen class. How would you describe your two classmates, Ataira Franklin and Jazmin Pitts?
: Jaz, we joke around a lot, she is like a Saint Bernard puppy – she’s big and she’s really physical on the court. Ataira is long. You think you’ve made it by her and you pull up for a jumper and her hand is miraculously on the ball.

Question: What can you expect in the coming weeks as Atlantic Coast Conference play gets underway?
: It’s going to be really fast-paced and straining.

Question: Do you have any special holiday traditions with your family that you are looking forward to?
: We usually put up the Christmas tree together, and I just talked to my mom yesterday and she asked me if they should wait to put on the ornaments until I got there. And I said “yes, of course.” So we will put the ornaments on the tree together when I get home.

Question: You have a twin brother and your older siblings are also twins. What was that like growing up?
: My twin brother Patrick, he goes to Towson. And I have another brother and sister, they are 23. I thought it was really normal to have a twin. Then as I got older I realized that not everyone has one! It’s a great conversation starter to say “Yeah I have a twin.”

Question: How has the separation from your twin brother been like this first semester at different colleges?
I try to keep in touch with my brother – but it’s a little hard when he gets to sleep in until noon and I’m already up and practicing. He’s a “regular” student.

Question: Is the rest of your family athletic?
: My sister, Jessie, played soccer at the University of Richmond. We’re a pretty athletic family.

Question: When you play sports with your siblings is it twins vs. twins?
: We mix it up, a lot of times it ends up boys vs. girls.

Question: What is your favorite class and do you have a major yet?
: My favorite class so far is sociology, gender and society. It takes a look at gender and how it relates to society and how our gender is shaped by our society.

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