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Freshman forward Jazmin Pitts and the Virginia women’s basketball team open Atlantic Coast Conference play Thursday when the Cavaliers take on Miami at 7 p.m. Pitts, who hails from Mosely, Va., recently caught up with to chat about her first career start, her favorite class at UVa and the best gift she gave and received over the holidays.

Question: What was it like for you to make your first college start against North Carolina A&T?
Before the game, I had all sorts of different thoughts. I was nervous and excited, and telling myself there were no room for mistakes. Once the game started and I got into a rhythm, I just felt like myself out there playing basketball.

Question: Did you feel like you would have a good night out there, finishing with a career-best 17 points?
You definitely start to get that feeling but you don’t want to be too confident. But I had a good feeling.

Question: How would you describe the season up to this point in time?
It has definitely been a little rocky. We’ve had some ups and we’ve definitely had some downs. The trip to the Virgin Islands, I think that was when we really learned a lot about ourselves with all those games. I would say now we are at a little bit of a higher point and hopefully we can stay here the rest of the season.

Question: How is the team chemistry?
It’s great and getting better each and every day. In practice we are doing a better job of communicating, that’s one of the things that we have strived to make better.

Question: Why did you decide to come to UVa?
Definitely the academics, and it was pretty close to home. The arena is amazing, who wouldn’t want to play here?

Question: Have you thought about what you might want to major in yet?
I think I am leaning towards sociology. That is has been the focus of a lot of my classes so it’s looking like the one.

Question: What has been your favorite class thus far?
I took sociology of sport over the summer with a few of my teammates. We did a few different types of projects and I liked the class but it also allowed me to get to know a few of my teammates a lot better.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?
I definitely like to eat, go to the mall and sleep whenever I can. But shopping is probably the biggest thing. Whenever I go to the mall I seem to come out with one or two bags. That has been a problem lately.

Question: Did you have a good holiday?
It was great. It was good to be home for a few days, especially after a tough loss, being able to be with family and relax.

Question: What was the best gift you received and the best gift you gave?
I got a new laptop computer, so that was probably the best because I really needed one. The best gift I gave was to my sister. She really likes Hello Kitty and I got her a big bag of all different types of Hello Kitty goodies. She loved it.

Question: Is there anything special about No. 21?
My number during my first couple AAU years was No. 21 and that was when colleges started looking at me. I had a terrible number in high school; it was No. 43. So when I came here, I wanted to go back to No. 21.

Question: Is there anything people would be surprised to learn about you?
A lot of people probably don’t know that my favorite color is pink. I really like the combination of pink and orange. I can’t wait for the pink shoes and pink uniforms we get to wear!

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