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Following article appeared in the Duke game program on March 26

By Cat Snider, UVa Media Relations

Senior captain Marghi Walters wasn’t necessarily born to be a lacrosse player, but she was certainly born to be a competitor. The youngest of four children, Walters watched all three of her older siblings excel in Division I sports in college.

“I am one of the most competitive people that you will ever meet,” Walters said. “But my competitive spirit definitely didn’t just come by chance. My brothers and sister taught me by the example that they set.”

A fierce love for competition was only the first of many things that Walters’ siblings taught her. It was her older sister, Meghan, who set the example as a lacrosse player.

“Since I was two years old, in our family swimming was life,” Walters said. “I would be swimming year round for various club programs. I didn’t get involved with lacrosse until Meghan started playing in her ninth grade year. When you see your older sibling doing something, you think it is cool. So I picked up lacrosse soon after she did.”

Walters continued her lacrosse interest as Meghan went on to play at Duke from 2000-04, where she was a three-time All-American and All-ACC honoree.

“I saw how much success Meghan had playing lacrosse and I obviously wanted to follow in her footsteps,” Walters said. “But with all three of my siblings playing Division I sports, I looked up to all of them.”

Walters made the transition from swimming to lacrosse without much difficulty, as lacrosse offered something valuable that swimming did not have as much of: Teamwork.

“I think the thing that I love the most about lacrosse is that it is a team sport,” Walters said. “I love that. I chose lacrosse over swimming, which is largely an individual sport, because I like competing as part of a team.”

Walters strives to instill a love of team in every player on the field. Even if the squad stumbles on occasion, she remains calm and doesn’t allow herself to get frustrated. She focuses on what is best for the team, what is positive and that helps get the team back on track.

“Camaraderie and team chemistry are important aspects of the game,” Walters said. “I have been on some very talented teams earlier in my career, but they weren’t necessarily the most successful in the long run.

“But last year, we had an awesome year. I don’t think it was because we had better talent than previous years, but we had better team chemistry. Everything feeds off of team chemistry and camaraderie.”

Taking on the added responsibility of leadership as a captain, Walters continues to use the lessons her siblings taught her. She uses inspiration from her second-oldest brother, Brian, who swam for Northwestern in the late 1990’s.

“He is such an incredible leader,” Walters said. “Brian was captain of his team for two years, where he showed great leadership qualities. Ones that I have always looked up to and aspired to have.”

The most important characteristic in a leader that Brian imparted on his younger sister was the importance of leading by example.

“Being a leader is about leading by example,” Walters said. “Especially being on this team with so many young teammates, it is important to work your hardest every day to set the tone for everyone else on the team.”

Walters’ oldest brother, Rob, was an All-ACC swimmer for the University of Virginia. His love for UVa helped Walters when the time came for her to choose which University would be the best fit for her.

“If it was not for Rob telling me how amazing UVa was since I was four, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Walters said. “Since he is 14 years older than me, it is really special to go to the school where my oldest brother went and to be able to share that forever.”

Through competition, lessons are learned. With the lessons that Walters’ siblings have taught her, she hopes that with so many new players on this year’s team, she can impart to them what it means to play lacrosse at the University of Virginia.

And as her career winds down, she is thankful for the great friendships she has developed with her teammates, coaches and the entire UVa community, while she is also appreciative of the lessons she learned from her siblings.

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