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Simone Egwu (Odenton, Md.), a rising junior on the women’s basketball team, recently checked in with to give a first-hand update on the team this summer.

It has been a fun, but intense summer in Charlottesville, but now we are finally heading home! Workouts with our new strength coach, Mike Curtis, have been challenging, as he has introduced us to many different techniques and methods for getting stronger and faster. I finished out my third session summer class, Oral Interpretation. It was a Drama class, and I had a great time reading and interpreting poems for my classmates, but it was time to get home.

The ride home was an adventure, as my car has been on its last legs for quite some time. Once I got the car started (after 3 attempts to jump it!) I didn’t stop until I was in Maryland.

The first thing I did when I got home was sleep! After a tiring summer of workouts, I wanted to get all the rest I could before my mother started taking advantage of my return. With all the weight lifting we do, I am now required to do most of the heavy lifting, usually mulch for her garden. So I really try to cram in the sleep during the first weekend when she hasn’t realized her favorite helper is back in town.

Once the chores for my mother are finished, my favorite thing to do when at home is relax and spend time with my friends. I usually knock out a book or two while I’m sitting on the couch with my two favorite dogs in the world (their names are Peter and Luna, if you were wondering.) My friends and I like to think of ourselves as adventurers, and we are always trying to discover something to do. Odenton, my hometown, is a pretty good distance from D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis, so we always find something adventurous. We go to downtown Annapolis, which is somewhat similar to downtown Charlottesville, and try the delicacies at the shops while admiring the historic houses all over Annapolis. Our favorite is a place that sells huge chewy cookies by the pound.

All this relaxing is tempered by workouts, as we have to continue lifting and running on our own to be prepared for preseason when we return to school. But still, the time at home is much needed and enjoyed.

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