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After a week of hard preseason sweat and grind there is sometimes nothing better than a day off! Today we are having our first recovery day during preseason training camp. This day is for body recovery hence the name “recovery” day. On this day we usually ice the parts of our bodies that need it and do any treatment to make sure that our bodies are ready go for the second week of preseason. I plan on making today all about rest. A low key day consisting of mostly bed rest sounds like the perfect way to recover from an entire week of physical activity. My roommate and I (Rachel Clark) are also planning on venturing out to the SPCA in hopes to foster a puppy that we may eventually adopt. It is also always good to have a loving animal around constantly. We cherish every second of our recovery days in order to have a fulfilling second week of preseason training.

Mallory Woolridge #15

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