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Virginia Head Coach Mike London
Postgame Quotes – Sept. 10, 2011

On what it means to win it after losing a big lead:
“Sometimes that’s what happens in a football game, the gamut and the emotions swing back and forth and I thought we came out flat a little bit and maybe they wanted it more. It was their first home game. We talked that thre are good things that are going to happen and bad things are going to happen. It’s about how we respond to the negative things that happen, and you can point to this for future reference, that as long as you continue trying to forge ahead and make things positive happen for you, you can come out on top.”

On Indiana’s last series:
“I know they tried to throw the ball and there was an incomplete (pass). We were going to use a bunch of time outs, but we didn’t have to use any timeouts at that point. That came in and helped us toward the end. We weren’t quite sure on what their mindset was on that whether to take in into overtime because you’re at home. But the fact that we could save some timeouts; there was one incomplete pass, one pass was caught on our sideline and the guy got out of bounds. It allowed us to make that big sack because there was no time gone, And if they did punt the ball, there was still a minute left on the clock. We felt good about that having timeouts making them punt.”

On team morale after losing big lead:
“We were down eight and the guys started talking about, ‘we’re going to come back and win this game.’ They started talking about, ‘when we score, we’re going to go for two.’ That kind of talk – you could look cross-eyed at someone – but I think that you start to build a level of confidence in what’s going on in the moment and we spoke it and it happened. We have to start finding ways to win games. To grind out big wins by a lot, by a little, last second, whatever it is. This team just needs to win games and tonight was a good win for us.”

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