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Virginia at North Carolina
Sept. 17, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Virginia head coach Mike London
On missed opportunities:
“We got down there for the first field goal, it was wide right. It was well within Robert’s range. Then later on we flipped the field, at about the same yard line and had an opportunity for a fourth down play that we thought we could make. Robert could have kicked it again but we thought we had a fourth down play based on what they showed us and we thought we could execute and make it. We decided to try to go for it and try to get some points. We also had a fumble down there so you can’t do things like that when you’re playing a good football team. And they’re a good football team. It went back and forth, if you look at the statistics there wasn’t one side dominating the other side. But they won where it matters and that’s on the scoreboard. They scored more points and had more opportunities to put it in the end zone than we did. My hat goes off to them, they played hard and they played good.”

On Michael Rocco’s progression:
“There were a couple of plays out there that showed the presence of what a quarterback has to do. I thought he made a couple of good throws. We talked about earlier on a scramble situation if everyone is covered it’s ok to hold on to the ball and try to get positive yardage.”

On overall team evaluation:
“Everybody is going to have to take a step up. Everyone that is playing, from the freshmen up to the fourth and fifth year guys, we have to play better and we have to put points up on the scoreboard and we have to stop teams from scoring.”

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