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Virginia Head Coach George Gelnovatch
On the game:
“The game was relatively even. I think we had a little more possession but the game was relatively even. They were very organized and an experienced team. We had four freshmen starting out there and it showed. There is a confidence in that team coming out of the CAA Championship and the run they’re on makes them a tough team to deal with.”

On the Will Bates absence:
“Well if you take any guy who is the third leading scorer in the nation off your team it is going to impact any team no matter how you slice it. I tell these guys all the time that nobody cares and we are just going to roll with it. For the most part I thought we did a pretty good job of that when he went down but it’s clearly a factor. He’s a goal-scorer and would have made a difference tonight.”

On next year:
“The one thing I can promise you is we are going to work harder than any team in the country and that is going to start in January.”

Delaware Head Coach Ian Hennessy
On the game:
“It’s a fabulous victory for the University of Delaware program. It’s our first time in 41 years in the NCAAs, it is our fourth game in seven or eight days, and it is a remarkable achievement for these young men to win against such a good team in such a good conference away from home.”

On their run:
“Success leaves clues and Virginia has their own clues, they have (six) national championship flags. We have had much much smaller success and credit to Virginia for that. Last year was the first year we ever made the CAA Conference Tournament. At the start of a head coaching career you lose big, then you lose small, then you tie, then you win small, then you win big. I think we are in that middle phase of winning small, that’s why you have so many overtimes, we are hard to beat and we have the firepower to finish things off.”

Defender Mark Garrity
On playing Virginia:
“All week right when we drew Virginia we knew about the championships and all that stuff, but Coach kept saying there’s no pressure on us, all the pressure is them. No one thinks we are going to come in and win, we are the underdog and we like being the underdog. Same thing in the CAA, we got picked 10th or 11th, but we come in with no pressure and all the pressure is on them. We felt them out in the first half and realized we could play with them. Johnny (Dineen) made a great header to end the game.”

Defender John Dineen
On the goal:
“We got a free kick 45 maybe 50 yards just inside their half. Mark (Garrity) has been a revelation this year and one of the game plans was to pick him out for the free kicks and corner kicks. He peeled away to the back post and I saw what he was doing so I was banking on him winning the header. He won it and I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.”

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