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Opening statement:
“I’m really proud of our football team. To come in here against a very hot team and a very good football team, and just play as well as we did and take it to them the way we did – I’m really proud of them. I’m proud of what this football program is all about. These kids played the game the right way and I’m really proud of them. (Virginia) has improved but tonight was our night. We made a lot of good plays. We had a great effort and a lot of togetherness. I think everyone in that locker room contributed to this thing so I’m proud of what we’re all about.”

On stopping Virginia on fourth down in the first quarter:
“I thought that was a big play even though it left us deep in our territory. I appreciate their philosophy that they want to hammer you but I also appreciate that we want to hammer them back. (Jack) Tyler did a great job right there and that was a big, big play in the ballgame.”

On Virginia Tech’s defense:
“We’re banged up but I thought we had a great effort and some really good calls. I think it was just effort, sound play and a good game plan because I really respect Virginia and their offense and how they do things. They know what they’re doing. I think we shut out a really good football team.”

On returning to the ACC Championship:
“It’s a fantastic thing for us. This team has hung in there throughout the year after the early loss to Clemson and some injuries. It wasn’t always pretty but we played hard. What happened here tonight and getting back is really special in my way of thinking.”

On playing Clemson again:
“They played well to get there and deserve to be there. They got us the first time – that’s for sure. We know what a talented group of guys they have. We already saw that so I’m just glad to be back in that game.”

On Marcus Davis:
“He showed up. I’m glad for him and glad for us. He has had games like this before – North Carolina last year – but I think he got his opportunities tonight and took advantage of his opportunities.”

On Logan Thomas:
“He’s in control. I love that about him. He takes the blame. He’s just a great leader for us. He gets the job done. He’s in control and the players really respect him. I don’t think you could ask for anything better. Tyrod Taylor was as good as it gets and Logan Thomas is as good as it gets. He has great poise and we have a lot of respect for (Michael) Rocco too. He’s a great kid but we like our guy.”

On whether Virginia Tech needed a dominant game for the polls:
“I just wanted to come in here and get a win. So coming in here and winning the way that we did is fantastic. I think those things kind of take care of themselves. We were ranked fifth last week and we beat a ranked team so if we get there, we’re going to earn our way there, but right now we need to turn all our effort to Clemson. We need to get right back to work and get ready to play a very good Clemson football team.”

On David Wilson:
“He’s so fast and powerful that he just seems like he’s a step away all of the time. He’s one of the ones you’re glad to have on your side because he’s dangerous. He’s tough and he’s rugged. He likes the game and has fun playing it and I think that showed tonight.”

On Virginia Tech’s first meeting with Clemson:
“They’re talented and were playing well. I would hope that offensively we are a little bit better now than we were at that time. I feel like we can play a better offensive game against them this time around. I can tell you this though, you look at them and they have good defensive people and some exceptional offensive people. It’s going to take a great effort to beat those guys.”

On the meaning behind the Commonwealth Cup:
“Virginia has a great four weeks here. I mean a really great four weeks. They’ve played great football but to come in here and be able to win in the fashion that we did – everyone that is associated with Virginia Tech football right now feels very satisfied but tomorrow we have to go back to work.”

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