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You have gotten more playing time this season, compared to previous seasons. Is that a reflection of the hard work you have put in during practice during your career?

It is definitely a sign that I am doing well in practice. I try my best every day in practice to do what I can to make the guys better, make the team better, and get better myself as an individual. It feels like that hard work is finally paying off.

One of your roles in practice is being a part of the scout team. How much studying do you try and do to learn about the upcoming opponents?

I watch a lot of film on our opponents and try to learn as much as I can about their personnel and their tendencies. I try to replicate those as much as I can on the scout team, so we can give the best possible simulation for our team to prepare against. It is hard because every opponent plays differently, so I am constantly learning about a new team. That is on top of making sure I know exactly what we are trying to do, so I am ready when I get into the game. You have to pay a lot of attention and be very detail oriented.

Walk-ons tend to be crowd favorites. What is it like for you when the crowd gets excited when you get into the game?

It is a great feeling. I try to block all of that out when I actually am on the floor. It is nice that the crowd appreciates you, even though you aren’t in the spotlight. I like to think it’s an ovation for all the hard work we do in practice.

You hit a 3-pointer in the season opener against South Carolina State for your first career points. What was that moment like for you?

I was excited to be able to go out there and score. It was a great feeling to hear the crowd go nuts for something a simple as making a 3-pointer. It felt like everyone was there supporting me and cheering for me. It felt good and hopefully there are more moments like that to come.

How much do you look up to someone like Will Sherrill, who went from being a walk-on to being a captain and a starter last season as a senior?

He inspires me a lot. What he did is definitely the goal for anyone who is a walk-on. You are trying to help your teammates get better everyday, while still trying to make yourself a better player and maybe at some point earning a scholarship. I still keep in contact with Will and he is always giving me advice on how I can help the team. He is a role model and I try to follow what he did.

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