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The Virginia rowing team takes an annual training trip to Florida in preparation for the spring season. This year, a different senior will check in each day with to give insight to how the trip is going. Sunday’s (Jan. 8) entry is from Carolyn Glandorf (Boston, Mass.).

The second day of our training trip began at 7 a.m. in the morning with a brisk warm-up jog. Many of us were feeling the strain of the previous practices. On the water, we broke into three 8+s and three 4+s. The eights spent time getting back into the competitive and aggressive spirit of Virginia Rowing.

On one of our pieces, we went all eight and it was ugly. Coach Kevin (Sauer) turned to assistant Steve (Pritzker) and said, “Do you think it was too early in the week to have gone all eight or too early during that piece?” Steve replied with, “Both.” This was followed by another piece where we rowed eights even earlier. The statement was clear that we would not be settling for a single stroke this week. Each boat had good moments and each had some terrible strokes, but we survived to make it to our 30-minute circuit or run. I was blessed with the run, although what I was doing may not be defined as running. As I suffer from a cold, my run seemed to be more of a shuffling mess.

Each rower chose when to complete their thirty minutes, but every rower managed to stuff in a good long nap and a meal or two. Freshly invigorated from a 2-hour or more nap, most of us were ready to go. We once again broke into 8+s and 4+s. People changed sides from their typical port or starboard because Kevin and Steve enjoy scaring people a bit!

They thankfully blessed us with a technical row as some tried to figure out their sudden side changes, while everyone tried to eliminate bad habits. We spent time rowing and working on technique on an individual basis and rowing by 8+s. It took time to get into the rhythm, but both boats managed to stay afloat. My day was ended by Steve who told me that I was still rowing poorly after only having seen me row for 5 strokes, but tomorrow is another day to attempt to change my dreadful technique…

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