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Jan. 25, 2013

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Senior swimmer Meg Hutchinson (Sudbury, Mass.) recently sat down with to talk about last weekend’s meets, the senior recognition ceremony and more. Virginia faces Wisconsin and Virginia Tech Jan. 25-26 at the Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Question: What was your experience last weekend like, with the big win against North Carolina on Saturday and the senior recognition ceremony on Sunday?

Hutchinson: Last weekend was very special. It was nice having the two paired together so that a lot of people were around and UNC is always such a highly-emotional meet. I think as seniors, we were pretty nervous, but excited to continue the tradition of winning against our biggest rivals. Having that win made the weekend even better. It was weird being up on the bulkhead (for the senior ceremony) because I’ve watched that for three years and all of a sudden, its you up there, but it was special.

Question: What did you tell the freshmen about what to expect for the North Carolina meet?

Hutchinson: I remember being a first-year and not understanding the passion your older teammates had for this rivalry, so this year we tried telling the freshmen stories about the meet, like how old the rivalry is and how important it is in setting the bar for the upcoming ACCs. We were also stressing that it was our last year and we did not want to go out without a win.

Question: What is the biggest part of UVa that you are going to miss?

Hutchinson: It wasn’t even our last meet of the season, but we we’re doing our team warm-down on Sunday, which I usually do not like. I was getting nostalgic because I’m really going to miss being a part of a team and being a part of something special. It’s going to be hard not having that group of 60 friends to come to every day. Coming a little early to hang out on deck, seeing how everybody’s day was and sharing a passion that connects a huge group is something awesome that I’m really going to miss.

Question: What has been your favorite part of Grounds?

Hutchinson: The Lawn is awesome. A couple weeks ago over break, I went watched a movie on the Lawn and it was sunny and so beautiful. I try to walk through there and appreciate it as much as I can since it is my last year. Whenever friends come down and visit, they are always in awe of how pretty it is.

Question: What is next for you after Virginia?

Hutchinson: I’m looking to get into athletic support services. I’m mostly looking towards academic advising at a university like UVa. I’m applying to a couple programs like the National Advising Corps, where I would go to low-income high school and supplement their counseling program and advise juniors and seniors in high school about college and help them with SAT and ACT preparation. I’m also looking to go to graduate school at some point. I’m looking to stay in the area. I love Boston and hope to be back there someday, but the weather is nicer down here and I’d like to stay connected with the athletic department here because I feel I can learn a lot from the people I know here, like Coach (Mark) Bernardino and our academic advisor, Sadie (Royal).

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