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Jan. 27, 2013

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

“I told the team I was very proud of them for how we played the first 34 minutes of the game,” said head coach Joanne Boyle. “We came out and were so composed and everything was going our way. After [Wake head coach] Jen Hoover got called for a technical foul, that fired up the Wake team and we didn’t keep our heads about us. It was the unforced turnovers: we had three three-second calls, we twice stepped over the line. All of that could have been taken care of at the same time if we didn’t let them get every rebound they wanted in the last six minutes, we wouldn’t have been in a situation of having to go against the press.”

“China got frustrated there. Things weren’t going well for her. Her teammates weren’t doing what she wanted them to do. She’s got to keep her composure. I thought she had a great game and had played really well up until that point.”

On Sarah Imovbioh and Sarah Beth Barnette’s contributions

“We tried to pull a couple of minutes together with the both of them. Combined, I think it was about 15 minutes. I thought they both did well for certain things. I thought Sarah I. rebounded the ball well. She still has to clean up some of the mistakes. Sarah Beth hasn’t played a lot of minutes. For her to get in and give us some real quality minutes when [Telia McCall] got in foul trouble really helped us.”

On the success in the first 34 minutes of the game“I thought some people really stepped up. I thought Frankie was really composed on both ends of the floor and she dictated on the defensive end. She really knew that we had to limit touches by 22 and 5. I thought she did a great job with that. I thought China did a great job with that. Frankie and China and Kelsey [Wolfe} all had really good rhythm shots tonight. We had some good inside-out action. I thought we were composed when they switched from their man to their zone. The guards shot the ball well. We shot 46 percent for the game. I loved the way we played the first 34 minutes. Got to fix the last six.”

Senior Point Guard China Crosby

“We, as a whole, needed to become a little bit tighter. Some of us, myself included, kind of lost our heads. When that happens, it trickles down to everyone else. When that happens, a good team like Wake Forest is going to come back. The last six minutes wasn’t good for us. We are going to have to learn from it.”

“Frankie, I commend her, she was poised through the whole game. When I lose my head like that, she is the one the team leans on because is also a captain and also a leader. We know we have heavy roles as guards and we take that. We try to stay poised and try to listen to what the coaches have to say and do what we need to do to get the win.”

Junior guard Ataira Franklin

“I think that we finished the game kind of relaxed, and we can’t afford to do that against anybody. This is a dangerous conference. All of the teams are dangerous. Everyone is playing well this year. We really have to crack down on little things. We gave them a lot of offensive boards, which they converted into points which really pulled them back into the game. We really need to focus on that and keep hitting free throws down the stretch.”

“I do feel like this is the best that I have been playing. It’s my knees. I feel young again, like a freshman. I’m riding it out and just keep being aggressive.”

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