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March 8, 2013

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Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
“Just a lot of credit to BC, they came out understanding it was tournament time. They played great and I’m just disappointed for our seniors to go out on this note.”

On catching up to BC in the second half
“We’ve been playing with 50-50 balls, we’ve been playing with free throws down the stretch, we’ve been playing with box sets off of free throws and they were a team that was determined to get all of that and we didn’t. They scored 23 points off of our turnovers and that really hurt us as well. We shouldn’t have been in that situation if we would’ve defended and played in the first half the way we did in the second we might have had a little bit bigger of a margin, but credit to them because they played forty-minutes.”

What about their defense made it a tough offensive night“We scored obviously much better in the second half than in the first half, I just feel like we came out and we were shell shocked on defense and we let it affect our offense, we kind of didn’t find a rhythm until the second half.”

Boston College Head Coach Erik Johnson
“We’re really, really happy with the way the team played. Honestly, Virginia came out with an energy and a toughness, and I was so impressed with them. I’m just sitting on the sidelines, so Kerri [Shields] can tell you we were better, but their pressure really, really bothered us. They switched screens aggressively. They went to a zone. Conventional wisdom is against Boston College don’t play zone, don’t press us, don’t play zone. Virginia came out and pressed us. They played zone, and they were successful doing it because they made some really, really smart adjustments. Honestly, I’m sitting here feeling like I got outcoached tonight. Joanne Boyle did a great job with her team. The difference in the games was I had some players that persevered and stuck with it and stuck with it, and we kept trying different things, we kept trying different things. In the end, I’m not sure I gave them too much help, but they just kept persevering, kept believing in themselves.”

On preparing for the ACC Tournament:
“I saw a lot of emotion coming through these guys after the game. Some of the associations with Greensboro tournament apparently aren’t so positive from the past. For me, I was an assistant here from 2005 to 2008. We were a Sweet 16 team and top 25, so I’ve been a part of some wins here. For them, really the big part of preparation was simply we’re playing another basketball game. There’s nothing that interesting or special… We came, and we soaked up some of the atmosphere, just enjoyed it. We tried to demystify it a little bit.”

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