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April 27, 2013

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LAKE MONTICELLO, Va.—The No. 4 Virginia rowing team won seven races at the UVa Invitational Saturday afternoon (April 27) on Lake Monticello in its lone home regatta of the spring season.

“Today was pretty good and I was pleased with this morning, but we need to keep getting better,” UVa head coach Kevin Sauer said. “With ACCs only two weeks away and NCAAs three weeks after that, we need to keep pushing forward, because the end of the season is coming up fast.

“We’d like to thank the community of Lake Monticello for hosting this event and thank Duke, Michigan State and Wisconsin for coming all this way. It was a great day of rowing.”

The Cavaliers swept three races against Michigan State in the morning. In addition, UVa defeated Duke in the Novice Eight and Second Varsity Four events.

In the afternoon, the UVa Varsity Eight took down No. 16 Wisconsin, but the Badgers were able to defeat two Cavalier crews in the Varsity Four race. In the Second Varsity Eight event, Virginia won a very tight race by only a second and a half.

The Cavaliers return to action May 12 for the ACC Championships in Clemson, S.C. UVa will be looking for its fourth consecutive conference crown and 13th title in 14 years.

Morning Results
V8: UVa 6:23.8, MSU 6:46.4
V8: Wis 6:32.0, Duke 6:35.7
2V8: UVa 2V8 6:43.0, MSU 6:51.1, UVa 3V8 7:07.3
2V8: Wis 6:42.5, Duke 6:57.3
V4: UVa V4 7:34.5, UVa 2V4 7:42.2, MSU 7:51.7
V4: Wis 7:32.0, Duke 7:49.0
N8: UVa 7:17.8, Duke 7:24.8
2V4: UVa N4 7:44.5, Duke A 7:55.7, Duke B 8:24.5

Afternoon Results
V8: Duke 6:47.5, MSU 6:55.2
V4: Duke 7:51.7, MSU 7:54.9
2V8: MSU 7:00.3, Duke 7:05.04
V8: UVa 6:41.0, Wis 6:51.6
V4: Wis 7:41.4, UVa V4 7:46.1, UVa 2V4 7:53.7
2V8: UVa 6:57.4, Wis 6:58.9
2V4 (exhibition): UVa N4 8:04.0, UVa 3V4 8:16.2

Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Stroke: Constanze Duell, 7: Chandler Lally, 6: Kristine O’Brien, 5: Sarah Cowburn, 4: Fiona Schlesinger, 3: Susanne Grainger, 2. Hemingway Benton, Bow: Lizzy Youngling

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Molly Frear, Stroke: Kaitlin Fanikos, 7: Elle Murray, 6: Brandy Herald, 5: Chelsea Adams, 4: Maddie Hilbrant, 3: Kristen Hickman, 2: Veronica Jones, Bow: Nina Vascotto

Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain Hayley LaFleche, Stroke: Mary Nilan, 7: Ann Reid, 6: Sarah Ianni, 5: Erin Metcalf, 4: Lexie Katz, 3: Ashley Hendrickson, 2: Paula Lewis, Bow: Anna Kobayashi

Varsity Four: Coxswain Sarah McGovern, Stroke: Hannah Yoest, 3: Catherine Multari, 2: Tessa Dikkers, Bow: Betsy Nilan

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain Alissa Hounung, Stroke: Kaity McCullough, 3: Caroline Burke, 2: Emily Pik, Bow: Hannah Solis-Cohen (morning), Bow: Ann Reid (afternoon)

Third Varsity Four: Coxswain Hayley LaFleche, Stroke: Mary Nilan, 3: Erin Metcalf, 2: Emily Crump, Bow: Anna Kobayashi

Novice Eight: Coxswain Devin Rothwell, Stroke: Brooke Bochonok, 7: Brodde Lamb, 6: Sarah Ianni, 5: Claire Cundiff, 4: Hart Clements, 3: Grace Glover, 2: Molly Siebers, 1: Kelly Ross

Novice Four: Coxswain Chloe Sykes, Stroke: Anastasia Asher, 3: Kathryn Cook, 2: Allie Donini, Bow: Jennifer Reid

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