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Lexie Gerson chats live on Friday at 2 p.m.

The Wahoo Central Chat with Lexie Gerson

Virginia women’s basketball redshirt senior guard Lexie Gerson chats live on Friday, Oct. 11 at 2 p.m.

Gerson, a 2011-12 ACC All-Defensive team honoree, and the rest of the Cavaliers will open their season on Friday, Nov. 8 at James Madison.

Single game tickets for all 2013-14 games, including the home opener on Monday, Nov. 11 against High Point, go on sale Friday at 9 a.m. through

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Hi everyone. Welcome to today’s Wahoo Central chat with Lexie Gerson. Thanks for all of the questions. Feel free to submit more. Lexie is excited to get started.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Hi everyone!!!!!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Let’s do this!
Greg (DC): How are the freshmen posts developing in practice? Seems like our defense is always strong but in the big matchups like Duke and Maryland, its the 2nd and 3rd shots they get that hurt us due to their big and talented posts. Think rebounding will be stronger this year? Go Hoos!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Yes, I think rebounding will be stronger this year. We are a little undersized, but we have been making rebounding a priority everyday.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: We have been working really hard it every day at practice. Rebounding to me is mostly just heart so this year we are just going to get after it. And really, SI is just a beast.
Jennifer from Louisa: What do you believe is the best way for parents to encourage children to stay active with sports so they see it as a fun thing not a have to thing?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: This one is hard for me because I always loved it and it was really the thing that motivated me to do everything else. I would say that the best thing to do is help them focus on the fun part, especially having fun with friends. My best friends ever have been people I played with.
Kelly: How have the freshman looked so far? What kind of impact do you think they will make this season?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: I think they are going to make a huge impact this season. There are 4 of them. They all bring something different to the table. Bre has a really great basketball IQ and she brings a calming perspective to our team.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Tiff is very athletic. She has really good court vision and I think she has the ability to really get up and pressure people on defense, too.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Syd can be a great four for us because she is a very versatile for who can expand the defense because she has the ability to shoot the three. She also brings a really good vocal presence.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Amanda is more of a traditional post and more of a banger. Which is what we need, some big bodies out there. She also has really great hands. I am really looking forward to playing with all of our first years.
Rich (Cville): Lexie, obviously having to sit out last year had to be tough. What did you learn from the experience?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Well, I have learned a lot from this experience. I think any time you have an opportunity to watch from a different perspective, it is a great chance to expand your game. I saw a lot of things on the bench that my coaches didn’t see. As awful as it was to sit out, it brought me to this year. And I believe this is exactly where I should be and I am excited to play again with my sisters.
Michael (Arlington): You are a tremendous defensive player, both on and off the ball. What are your tips for my daughter to become a great defensive player?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Honestly, I don’t think I am that quick. I think I understand angels well. I would do reaction drills with her. It’s not all athleticism. Defense to me is heart and hustle. And pride. Are you going to let someone beat you?
Billy: What is your favorite UVa sporting event to go to?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Honestly I like to attend all UVa sports. But I would like to say that my team has only missed one women’s soccer game this year because we had practice. Go Hoos.
Yusef: Who is the funniest player on the team?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: We have a bunch o clowns on my team. I’d say that the one person who makes me laugh on a daily basis is Bear, aka Jaryn. She is my go-to for a smile.
Charles (Charlottesville): Other than JPJ of course, what is your favorite building to play in at the ACC?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: This is going to sound kind of crazy, but I actually like playing in Cameron. I like the Cameron Crazies being on me. My first season, I broke a laptop jumping into the crowd to stop a ball. The worst place you can play is a dead gym. I love playing in Cameron even with everyone hating on me.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: I also like playing at Maryland. It’s close to home so a lot of friends and family make the trip.
Scott (Ruckersville): How does the team expect the ACC to be this year? Will Coach Boyle work more on the inside or outside shooting? Will free throws be an issue this year?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: We always expect to contend in the ACC. It’s a tough league, but I am very excited about our team this year. As for looking inside or out, we always just go with what look is open for us. Really, with the influx of players that we got, we should have both this year. And we are always working on our free throws. ALWAYS.
Willy-Stuarts Draft: Its your last year playing ball so this is a two part question:What are the youngers players going to remember about you after you have left the area?Will you interact with fans more? It really gets us off our butts and into the game!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: I hope that whenever my teammates think about me, they smile. I try to bring that laughter to my teammates everyday and to the staff. But I also want them to remember that I worked my rear off every day. And I know that they think of me as the person who is always early to practice and always super excited to be there.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: As for interacting with the fans, I love talking to people and am always down for a chat. In a game, I really feed off the crowd, so if you are pumping me up, oh yah. I’ll be interacting back. For sure.
Emily (Pittsburgh): I’m a huge Lexie Gerson fan! Her persistence and work ethic on the long road back to recovery inspires me every day. I’m so happy and excited to see her back on the court in orange and blue for one final year. My question is what sport, besides basketball, would she choose to play at Virginia if she had one more year of eligibility left and why?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: That is so funny you asked that. Kels and I really want to play doubles for tennis in the spring. We plan on getting loud, chest bumping, and using our intimidation factor. It’s about to get real. One of these days, we’ll break that news to the tennis team. 🙂
Derwood MD: What is your favorite offensive move?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: it depends. If I get a steal and its 1-on-1, its a spin move. If I’m at the top of the key, a quick simple crossover is sufficient. Plus, I’d rather pass. A good pass always gets me going.
Candy Tenn.: Do you plan on futhering your basketball career after graduation and if so who would you like to play for and why?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: I would definitely like to play after graduation, with anyone who would take me in the US. Otherwise, I would definitely like to play in Israel. When I am all done playing, I want to coach and I would love to coach here.
Eric, Lynchburg: It’s our first game back, what is the biggest hurdle you have to overcome, physically, mentally or emotionally? Why
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Physically, I am ready to go!!!!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Mentally, I am going to have to take a deep breath before the game because I am going to be so excited. I am really thankful to be able to get back out there.
Andrea Gerson: I heard you got your athletic abilities from your mother. Is this true?? Be nice. 😄
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Hi Mom!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Can’t wait to see you in a few hours.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: My mom, and my family in general, has always been the biggest supporters. They all try to make every game possible. I am not sure my dad has missed a game since I have been here. I am thankful to have such a great family and I can’t wait to make them proud this year. I love you.
Eric (Cville): Toughest player to defend in your career so far?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Monica Wright at practice.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Umhh… This is a tough question. I have played against so many great players in my five years being here. The ACC is full of so many talented individuals.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: But seriously. It was Monnie.
Sandy waynesboro: Tell us something fun about Coach Boyle that motivates you and the team! They can be different!
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: Coach B is just real. She is hilarious in her own way. It motivates me because I genuinely love my staff and my team and I play for them every day. That is what motivates me. Trying to win for them.
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: It’s hard to really capture why I love Coach B.But its mostly because she participates in Fun Fact Friday on Twitter.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: And we are going to close with two more questions.
Christie (Madison): What do you think of the new additions to the conference?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: They are great, all really talented teams. I am excited that I got another year and that I get to play against them. I think they are going to be really competitive in the ACC. This conference was already stacked and the best in college basketball and now its even better. I can’t wait for Notre Dame to come here to JPJ. That will be a great game.
lexie brooke gerson: on a scale from 1- the most excited lil puppy in the world….how pumped are you about being on wahoo central chat today?
9314966.jpeg spacer.gif Lexie Gerson: That is a great question. I just want to thank everyone for being here with me and asking great questions (this one aside). And thanks to Melissa and Murray for being here with me. Truly, our fans, and all of you guys are great! Thanks!!!!
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