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Nov. 17, 2013

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EARLYSVILLE, Va.—The Virginia rowing team closed its fall season by picking up two race wins at the Rivanna Romp Sunday morning (Nov. 17) on the Rivanna Reservoir in Earlysville, Va. The regatta featured crews from Louisiville, Oklahoma, Old Dominion, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the host Cavaliers.

“Today was a good day to close out the fall season,” UVa head coach Kevin Sauer said. “The Varsity Eight and Varsity Four won, but we had some formidable competition, especially from Louisville, who did a nice job. We just have to keep pushing forward through winter training and into the spring. Thanks to the other five schools who came all this way and came out ready to race today.”

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Eight picked up a win, finishing the 4,000-meter course in 13:17.1, just over six seconds ahead of second-place Louisville in 13:34.4. The UVa V8 completed a great fall season after being the top collegiate crew at the Head of the Charles for the third consecutive season and earning a win at the Princeton Chase.

Virginia’s Second and Third Varsity Eight placed third and fourth in 13:34.4 and 13:42.7, respectively. Penn was fifth, ahead of Louisville’s 2V8, Oklahoma and UVa’s Fourth Varsity Eight (14:04.2). There were 17 crews in the V8 race.

Virginia also picked up a win in the Varsity Fours in a time of 14:50.3, ahead of Louisville (14:55.6) and Penn (15:16.7). The Cavaliers’ 2V4 and 3V4 placed fourth and fifth in 15:17.7 and 15:44.1, respectively, while other UVa crews placed 10th (15:58.1), 11th (15:59.1) and 14th (16:04.9) out of 28 crews.

In the Novice Eights, the two Cavalier boats placed third and fourth in 15:07.9 and 15:58.5, respectively. Penn’s Novice Eight won in 14:40.0, while Louisville’s N8 was second in 15:05.9. The Cardinals’ 2N8 was fifth in 16:04.0.

Virginia’s spring season begins March 8 with a scrimmage against Michigan State at Claytor Lake Stake Park in Dublin, Va.

Virginia Lineups:

Varsity Eight ‘A’: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Stroke: Chandler Lally, 7: Fiona Schlesinger, 6: Brandy Herald, 5: Hemingway Benton, 4: Lizzy Youngling, 3: Elle Murray, 2: Kaitlin Fanikos, Bow: Jo Gurman

Second Varsity Eight ‘B’: Coxswain Sarah McGovern, Stroke: Hannah Solis-Cohen, 7: Tessa Dikkers, 6: Maggie Bowman-Jones, 5: Erin Briggs, 4: Chelsea Adams, 3: Ella van der Haar, 2: Nina Vascotto, Bow: Emmy Bateman

Third Varsity Eight ‘C’: Coxswain Alissa Hornung, Stroke: Hannah Yoest, 7: Catherine Multari, 6: Janey Brennan, 5: Ellen Pate, 4: Maddie Keating, 3: Emily Pik, 2: Jennifer Reid, Bow: Kaity McCullough

Fourth Varsity Eight ‘D’: Coxswain Colette Lucas-Conwell, Stroke: Ali Zwicker, 7: Lyndsay Martini, 6: Alexandra Williams, 5: Kathryn Cook, 4: Lexie Katz, 3: Jill Hannink, 2: Anastasia Asher, Bow: Brodde Lamb

Varsity Four ‘A’: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Stroke: Chandler Lally, 3: Fiona Schlesinger, 2: Lizzy Youngling, Bow: Hemingway Benton

Second Varsity Four ‘B’: Coxswain Sarah McGovern, Stroke: Maggie Bowman-Jones, 3: Erin Briggs, 2: Jo Gurman, Bow: Elle Murray

Third Varsity Four ‘C’: Coxswain Alissa Hornung, Stroke: Hannah Yoest, 3: Kaitlin Fanikos, 2: Chelsea Adams, Bow: Emmy Bateman

Fourth Varsity Four ‘D’: Coxswain Colette Lucas-Conwell, Stroke: Hannah Solis-Cohen, 3: Tessa Dikkers, 2: Ella van der Haar, Bow: Emily Pik

Fifth Varsity Four ‘E’: Coxswain Julia Roithmayr, Stroke: Taylor Leonard, 3: Allie Donini, 2: Sarah Ianni, Bow: Paula Lewis

Sixth Varsity Four ‘F’: Coxswain Chloe Sykes, Stroke: Anastasia Asher, 3: Ellie Biddle, 2: Mary Nilan, Bow: Brodde Lamb

Novice Eight ‘A’: Coxswain Kelsey Hunt, Stroke: Grace Plachy, 7: Marissa Garey, 6: Karen Schulte, 5: Allie Nicholson, 4: Dana Lueker, 3: Christine Bauk, 2: Danielle Hester, Bow: Madelyn Clark

Second Novice Eight ‘B’: Coxswain Jamie Schug, Stroke: Alysse Dowdy, 7: Emma Zahm, 6: Kameryn Corcoran, 5: Dani Roques, 4: Lindsay Shallman, 3: Liv Hutton, 2: Allison Robertson, Bow: Hannah Kessenich

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