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Jan. 16, 2014

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Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On Virginia’s effort:
“I just give a lot of credit to this team. They are really good. I would correct you in saying that we played really hard. I thought this was one of our worst performances, in terms of effort. I don’t think we played hard at all. We practice harder than we played here tonight. I don’t think that we played at the pace we had been playing at against Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. We came out flat. We let our offense affect our defense. That is not to take anything away from Duke. We got ran on transition all night long. Early on, we got ourselves in a hole and against a great team it is hard to come back. I just felt like they picked up the pace and we never changed our pace. That really hurt us.”

On the second half:“We had been running some Princeton [offense]… and they were taking some of that stuff away. Obviously, they are big inside, so they made us score from outside. We weren’t hitting tonight and I thought we rushed shots. We didn’t take shots in the flow of the offense. But again, I think anytime you set your defense and you rebound the ball and you hustle back and you dive for loose balls and get those things, your offense becomes easier. I think we just waited around to see if we were going to make baskets tonight and didn’t do the dirty work and Duke did.”

On Richa Jackson:
“She is more of a mid-range kid, but she does all the little things for them. She rebounds the ball; she gets out in transition; she dives on the floor for a loose ball; she sets great screens. She does the things that don’t show up in a box sheet.”

On future games:“I don’t know. I think the thing that I am trying to get them to understand is that you have to build on your success. We are young; we have eight freshman and sophomores and it is a building process. What we have to stop doing is having a great game and then reverting back. As a coach, you want to build on a team and you want to build on your success. Instead, we have a great game and then a bad game and then a good game. We have got to get off of that rollercoaster and however we need to do that, I need to get them to understand that every game, whether it is a Duke or a Notre Dame, it doesn’t matter. They need to come out and give the same effort every night and then the chips fall where they may. But, I just don’t think that was our team tonight. Maybe it was some youth, but I don’t think that is completely the reason for it, but we have got to start building on our success and not a good game, bad game and trying to start that process all over again.”

On the younger players’ consistency:
“It is just experience. I think some of it is they just have to go through it and that is part of it. When freshmen become sophomores and they have a lot of playing time, they are so much better sophomores for it and part of that is just the process. I don’t know if there is any way to train them. They have to be out in it and just go through it. Hopefully, just like everybody else, team improves and they improve as the season goes on.”

Sophomore Faith Randolph

On the second half:
“I don’t think they did anything differently. I just think that we didn’t come out hard. Like coach said, our offense affected our defense and vice versa.”

Redshirt Senior Lexie Gerson

On Duke’s team:
“They are a great team. Duke is an all-around great team. They are huge, they are very big. They run transitions and they do all the little things, and that is something I noticed. One of the things that stood out to me was their assist column; they move the ball and share the ball. They play really well as a team. They absolutely outplayed us in every way possible.”
“We need to take any good that we have from this past game and then we need to forget it. We need to remember what we did at Notre Dame and move on. We need to have a short memory and then take on Florida State this Sunday and have a great game.”

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