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Feb. 2, 2014

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Head coach Joanne Boyle

On the game overall:
“It was just an exciting win. When you get to play your whole team and you just feel from start to finish that you’re just working and things are clicking on all cylinders. You don’t get to be in a lot of games like that, so I enjoyed it.”

On what clicked during Virginia’s 17-0 run:
“We really played well on both ends of the floor. The defense really turned our offense up because we got some really good stops, and we got some in early transition and scored well. We’ve been shooting the ball pretty well, so I really felt like it was a good balance. I really feel like our defense and our rebounding got us going on the offensive end.”

On defeating Clemson as they have been improving:
“They have been playing really well and I told these guys just going into it, “Don’t look at their record.” Their record was getting better and better, but they were really starting to figure themselves out and they were on a roll. Even though they lost that Syracuse game they were in it until the very end. They’ve had a string of 3 or 4 really good games, so it goes back to we have got to take care of business. We can’t worry about what other people are doing. We tend to do that at home and now we have one more game before the break. I know they will be ready. They get where we are and the importance of that.”

On the importance of the first five minutes of the second half:
“You’re trying to make them call a timeout in the first four minutes of the second half that was our goal. We had to start on the defensive end and I think we got two stops right away and scored. They called the timeout. We’re in a good way where we can break games down into four-minute segments. We just always try to win every four-minute segment. We talk about that during a timeout.”

On upcoming opponent, Boston College:
“They are a good team. They are a really good team. They run a spread offense. They are mostly guard oriented. They can really shoot the ball well especially in their home gym, so we’re just going to have to be able to sit down and guard people.”

Senior Guard Lexie Gerson

On her collision with Faith Randolph that resulted in her injury:
“That was my board. No we were just both pursuing the ball, which is awesome. Then her head hit my nose. It’s fine. I just got a couple stitches and I was good to go. I’m hoping for a black eye. It’s kind of tough looking.”

On her approach to the next stretch of games:
“I don’t think we approach it any differently than we have been. We take it one game at a time, even though we are talking about this three game tournament, still one game at a time. We are two for two in this little mini tournament, and we just have to bring it home.”

On cheering from the bench in a blowout:
“It is my favorite, so fun. We say we are eleven strong, and we got to play eleven kids tonight, and just to have everyone contribute in some way is such a great feeling. It’s a good team win.”

Senior Guard Ataira Franklin

On what has caused the recent team success at home:
“I couldn’t really tell you. We have just been playing well, and we are really confident. It might have something to do with playing bad games on the road and then coming home and feeling like we have to redeem ourselves That might have a little to do with it, but I don’t know.”

On the 17-0 run in the first half:
“One of the biggest things coach tells us is make the other coach call a timeout. So I think that we really wanted to focus on rebounding, getting those easy buckets and getting stops. On the court we kept saying, `let’s keep getting stops’ and I think it worked out well for us.”

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