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Scott Thomsen

Virginia junior midfielder Scott Thomsen stops by Wahoo Central to chat with fans at noon Friday (Nov. 21). Thomsen and the Cavaliers return to the Klöckner Stadium pitch at 1 p.m. Sunday against either UNC Wilmington or Bucknell in a second-round NCAA tournament match. The No. 16 seed in the field this season, Virginia is appearing in its 34th straight NCAA tournament, the longest active streak in Division I men’s soccer.

You can start submitting your questions now! Scott will start answering them Friday at noon!

team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Scott is in the house and we’re ready to go. Keep sending us your questions!
Brian (Manasquan): Where would you say you got your soccer talents from?
Scott Thomsen: My brother played a small part but mostly working with my dad when we were younger.
Matty M. (Lincroft, NJ): What is the difference between playing at CBA and UVA? And do you miss the colt crazies?

Scott Thomsen: I would say the level of competition week in and week out is a lot better in college. Also the intensity you have to play at all the time.

I really miss the Colt Crazies. They’re a great fan base and still are.

Tom (NJ): Who are your mentors in soccer?
Scott Thomsen: My dad because he pushed me a lot when I was younger. That’s helped me a lot now. Also my grandpa has played a huge role, just being positive all the time. My brother and his former team, because I got to play a lot with them when I was younger. Playing against older guys definitely helped me out.
Joe (DC): UNCW’s pretty tough. What do you have to do to come up with a result on Sunday?
Scott Thomsen: Looking at some of their results this year, they clearly can play with anybody. When the tournament comes, you really have to be at your best so we’ll continue to focus and prepare for them.
Brian (Ewing): Are you disappointed Scotland couldn’t have come up with a better result vs. England earlier in the week?
Scott Thomsen: I’m very disappointed that they didn’t get the result and I know my Granda was probably livid as well. Ollie got the best of this one.
Alex: What was it like having the ’89 team back in town for their championship reunion, and did you guys get a chance to hang out with them at all?

Scott Thomsen: It was really cool having them back, especially guys you see in the league now. We know what they did for the program, so it’s cool that they came back to support us. It reminds us why we came to UVa and gives us something to strive for heading into the tournament.

We didn’t really get to hang out with them at all since it was a busy weekend for them.

Jason: Do you follow MLS or international soccer more closely? Who’s your club?

Scott Thomsen: I follow both pretty regularly but only get to watch Red Bulls every so often down here. But being part of the club, when I’m not here I definitely want to keep up with them.

Arsenal is my favorite team so I get to follow them a lot down here.

Brian (Manasquan): I know you come from a very soccer talented family, would you say you are the best out of all the Thomsens?
Scott Thomsen: Growing up, my brothers and I had some battles but I think I may have taken over the reigns of number 1. But my sister Dana could be the darkhorse to take us all.
Marty (Manalapan, NJ): What type of training routine do you do when you are not at school?
Scott Thomsen: Being with Red Bulls, they like to offer a really professional environment to come back to train at, so any breaks in school, I just go back and work with them. Also, living by the beach, I really like to get beach workouts in any time when I’m home.
Mike from Point: Riptide rush or glacier freeze?
Scott Thomsen: Glacier freeze, no question. Every day of the week.
Brian (Brick): Is it tough living with Todd Wharton? He seems like he would be a difficult roommate….
Scott Thomsen: At times it can be difficult. But after three years, you learn to like it.
Charles: What will it take for you guys to take the next step to not only get back to the College Cup, but to seal the deal? GO HOOS!
Scott Thomsen: It really just starts with taking it one game at a tough starting with a tough game this Sunday against UNCW. We have to focus on ourselves and use the results from the season and the tape and continue to get better. All it takes is one run, which we learned last year.
Scott Thomsen: Thanks everyone for the questions. Come out and support us on Sunday as we start our NCAA Tournament!
Mac (Brick): What do you do for work over the summer?
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