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Nov. 30, 2014

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Barclays Center Classic
November 29, 2014

Virginia 45 – Rutgers 26

Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett:

On tonight’s performance
“We had a lot of offensive rebounds because there were a lot of offensive rebounds to be had since we weren’t shooting well. When you’re struggling to score like we were, you focus on transition points, offensive rebounds, free throws and try to get it inside a little more. We did that well.”

“We were a little discouraged and it looked like we were forcing and driving into the lane. We re-adjusted in the second half. A couple of buckets went in. Then, our defense clamped down even more.”

On fatigue
“Both teams were very fatigued. You could see that it was going to be who could outlast who. Our guys showed some good effort that way.”

“We looked fatigued and I told the guys that both teams are going to be fatigued. They had two guys play 40 minutes last night – their two main guys. We had guys playing in the high thirties because of how the game played out. We played very hard defensively and got good looks. That was a factor, but it’s about what you do with it. Everybody is going to face fatigue, mental and physical, but it’s how you respond.”

On team’s fan support
“The fans have embraced this team and last year’s team. I think they realize these guys are far from perfect, but they work hard. The young men represent what the alumni want them to represent. They give an honest effort and are character guys. They know the value of a degree from Virginia and they’re out there playing in a team way.”

Rutgers Head Coach Eddie Jordan:

On tonight’s game:
“I thought we competed well tonight against a very good team. (Virginia head coach) Tony Bennett does a great job with that team. They defend, they share the ball, they run a good offense, and they have a good demeanor on the floor.”

“I thought we matched (Virginia) tooth and nail. I told our team not to be ashamed about tonight. We brought a good, competitive spirit to the floor. We executed our game plan. We guarded very well. We just couldn’t make shots. If we bring that same level of competitive spirit and intensity to every game I think people will start noticing us.”

“We played a good team. They did the things that make them a good team and they won.”

“I think we did a great job defensively. I think we can learn from it. We can repeat a lot of the things we did out there.”

On Virginia’s good defense:
“They have good players committed to playing good defense. That makes a good team. If you have good players that are determined and willing to be good as a team they will defend. I had experience with the New Jersey Nets, with guys like Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Kerry Kittles, and Dikembe Mutumbo. Those guys wanted to defend. (Like Virginia) they had good size at every position, good athletes at every position, and they were good players. That makes up a good team.”

“They are big, they are good, and they are athletes. They want to be good. So they are going to be good at everything they do; offense, defense, and rebounding.”

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