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Dec. 29, 2014

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening Statement:
“I know we were really disappointed so we were just trying to regroup and find our way. Ending our nonconference with a win was a good feeling. We have some work to do before heading into ACC play but it’s nice to sit here with a win.”

On UVa’s shooting struggles:
“I think we’ll just get into the gym and get some shots up. I don’t know why, but I think we have just lost some of our confidence. Towards the end of the game Faith [Randolph] started to shoot the ball like her whole demeanor had changed and she got back to her old self.”

Upcoming practice plan:
“We really just want to break down some screening action. I think we’ve really struggled with helpside defense and jumping to the ball so I think we’ll work a couple days on just really god screening action. Obviously we can always be working on our transition defense and offense, but we really just want to break down the defense.”

On struggling guard play:
“We need our guard play, for sure. It’s just so much harder to win without it. We’ve played 13 games, and in probably ten of those all of them [Randolph, Mason, Venson] have showed up. I think they just need to get in the gym, get some shots, and get their feel back. They will. And they’ll be there.”

Center Sarah Imovbioh

On the low post game today:
“It was really tough. I felt like there were a lot of bodies down low but I felt like when they collapsed like that, our guards had a chance to get open shots- which will help us in the game.”

Guard Faith Randolph

On missing open shots:
“Every shooter has thoughts about it, but the good shooters forget about it and are ready to hit the next shot.”

Her takes from the game:
“When I woke up this morning I just tried to forget about last night. I wanted a clear head for today’s game and we wanted to be the way we were before that game yesterday.”

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