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Jan. 25, 2015

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia head coach Joanne Boyle

Opening statement:
“A lot of credit to Georgia Tech and the way they fought back. Obviously, we’re disappointed. We started out the game, as we have in the past, really strong, and then we just had breakdowns. We have to be able to take care of the easy things because we’re missing our opportunities.”

On poor production after strong starts:
“I think there’s a combination of things. We miss our fair share of wide-open layups. When you’re talking always 8-12 points a game, those are just easy things we have to be able to take care of. We’re not throwing the best percentage from the free-throw line, and we’ve always been a really good free-throw shooting team. We have to get tougher when it comes to 50-50 balls and rebounds. I just feel like we’re getting pushed around and that’s something we have to correct. We turned the ball over probably two crucial times in this game, and that might be attributed to youth, I don’t know, but we got very relaxed I think instead of in situations where it’s crucial, where it’s a 3-4 point game, I feel we play too relaxed and a little bit lackadaisical. So I think those things are hurting us.”

On opponents’ recent offensive success:
“Obviously our size definitely hurts us, obviously we’re not the tallest team, and so we have to make up for it by just having a little more fight in us. And sometimes, we’ve been either even or close where we get one out on the boards but five boards, they’re plus five on the boards and it’s some of those toughness boards that we’re missing out on. I think if we can take care of the easy things in the game, then we get into situations where it won’t be so glaring on the other side of the scorecard.”

On how they can snap the three-game losing streak:
“The good thing is that we will be home. I told the girls in the locker room that we are in all of the games and they are all winnable games. We need to clean up the constant mistakes and take care of the easy things. We need to make layups and be a decent free throw shooting team. If we can clean up some of that stuff, we will be on the other side of that column. We need to not have 6 or 7 categories to clean up.

On the quantity of assisted baskets
“I thought we shared the ball much better in this game. I think what happens is that we get too comfortable. When we get tired, we move at a much slower pace. My theme this week was to get us into continuity offense and share the basketball, which we did, but the pace at which we are moving created a lot of those shot clock situations. We need to break presses and get into our stuff quicker.”

Guard Faith Randolph

On the close losses:
“It is tough. I think we are a group that works extremely hard. Seeing the results we are getting now is a little disappointing, but I know we are a team that will be ready to practice and will be ready for this next game.”

On guarding Kaela Davis:
“She’s a good, physical player. Her teammates really looked to get her open and constantly made wall screens for her. So there was a lot of wall screen defense on that, and that kind of fell short today.”

Guard Breyana Mason

On scoring droughts
“We just need to play good defense and get points off of defense whether that is rebounds or getting to the basket or free throw line. We don’t panic but we don’t always execute the way we would like to in those situations.”

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