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Dec. 28, 2015

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“We’re just excited to get the win in the first round of The Cavalier Classic. It feels good to be on the floor again after break. We had good energy out there.”

On UVA’s increase in assists:
“I think we talk about it a lot. We talk about making the extra pass and running an inside-outside game. We’ve really been emphasizing it. They played a lot of junk defense tonight, so the girls kind of knew what to expect. I think they did a good job with it tonight.”

On Lauren Moses’ post-play:
“We need a physical presence down there. You see the difference in her from last year to this year. She’s much more confident and obviously she’s in so much better shape – she runs harder and plays more physical. She’s one of the most improved players on the team and I think she’s demanding the ball and demanding a presence inside. We’ve been in games where people are trying to double team her and I think her growth is, and she did it tonight, that she can play out of double teams and out of situations where she’s not comfortable shooting. She shared the ball well tonight and created for her teammates.”

On Faith Randolph:
“I feel like she’s finally understanding when her shot’s not falling and she knows there are other people on the team that can score, so she doesn’t feel so much pressure to score herself. I think other people picking it up, Lauren and Mikayla in particular, makes her feel more comfortable and she’s not keeping that load on her shoulders.”

On tomorrow’s game vs. Richmond:
“We got to watch them today and we’ve seen them on film. They’re more of a 4-out, 5-out motion team. They like to pass and cut and look to penetrate. They’ve got a couple of good shooters. They play a sagging man-to-man defense. Their tempo is probably slower than Coppin State’s, and they like to play more of a controlled game. I don’t think we change who we are, we just have to be better than we were tonight.”

Sophomore Forward Lauren Moses
On assist to Mikayla Venson:
“I get excited when I get to assist to my guards because they are usually passing it to me. I saw the opportunity when she was going back door, I knew I had to make it happen. I dished it off and she made it. I did the same with Faith [Randolph] and she got the foul. I just get excited to assist to them.”

On offense:
“We got two rim runners and then I was cutting to the basket on another one. It just came down to good passes from the guards who were seeing me when I was open.”

Sophomore Guard Mikayla Venson
On assist from Lauren Moses:
“That was all instinct. Lauren [Moses] is a great passer as a post player and she led me to the basket and we tried to do the same for Faith [Randolph]. Lauren is a really good passer.”

On offensive flow:
“We are just finding the open man and creating opportunities for our teammates. We are driving to the basket and trying to get a lot of kick outs. We are just trying to create opportunities for our teammates.”

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