Nov. 5, 2016

DURHAM, N.C. – The Virginia women’s tennis team closed out day two of competition at the Kitty Harrison Invitational on Saturday with five singles wins and three doubles wins, playing matches against William & Mary and Penn State.

The Cavaliers played a pair of doubles matches against Penn State, while also playing two doubles matches and eight singles matches against William & Mary on Saturday. The event will conclude with Virginia playing matches against North Carolina on Sunday (Nov. 6).

Freshmen Hunter Bleser (New Braunfels, Texas), Chloe Gullickson (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) and Rosie Johanson (Abbotsford, British Columbia), and sophomores Meghan Kelley (Falmouth, Maine) and Erica Susi (Vero Beach, Fla.) picked up the singles wins for the Cavaliers.

In doubles, the pairing of junior Teodora Radosavljevic (Belgrade, Serbia) and Susi picked up a win against William & Mary. The Cavalier pairings of Gullickson and Cassie Mercer (Huntington, W.V.), and Camille Favero (Sacramento, Calif.) and Johanson picked up the two wins against doubles teams from Penn State.

Singles vs. William & Mary
Hunter Bleser (UVA) def. Madson (WM), 7-5, 7-6
Goodman (WM) def. Camille Favero (UVA), 7-5, 1-6, 10-6
Chloe Gullickson (UVA) def. Groener (WM), 6-2, 6-1
Rosie Johanson (UVA) def. Perry (WM), 6-2, 6-4
Meghan Kelley (UVA) def. Thaler (WM) 6-4, 3-6, 11-9
Stepanova (WM) def. Cassie Mercer (UVA), 6-4, 2-6, 10-4
Cheng (WM) def. Teodora Radosavljevic (UVA), 7-5, 6-3
Erica Susi (UVA), def. Wuenscher (WM), 6-4, 6-2

Doubles vs. William & Mary
Goodman/Perry (WM) def. Bleser/Kelley (UVA), 8-5
Radosavljevic/Susi (UVA) def. Madson/Wuenscher (WM), 8-7

Doubles vs. Penn State
Gullickson/Mercer (UVA) def. Blik McCluskey (PSU), 8-3
Favero/Johanson (UVA) def. Hanley/Smith (PSU), 8-5