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Dec. 29, 2016

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“I am really proud of the team, these were two good back-to-back games for us. I thought we played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart. Everyone contributed, in big or small ways. When you get to go eight, nine sometimes 10 deep in your bench it is really nice. Just proud of the team, this was a great team win. Dayton is a really good team. They have been up and down a little bit this year but they are finding their stride so this was a really good win for us.”

On taking six game win streak into conference play:
“We always talk about different seasons, we have a non-conference season and now we have conference season. This is all great being 11-2 so we did a really good job, but this won’t matter unless we take care of business. We have been on a roll working through some things. As a coach you just want to get better and better each game. I think this is a great weekend for us to jump start into the ACC, but there are no nights off for us going forward.”

On playing well after losses in non-conference:
“I think that is big growth for us from past years. They were able to take the message and move forward. We didn’t play particularly well yesterday, then we come out today and have a really solid, really good win. A big piece of this is that every on this team is two feet in and they are in it for each and that makes a big difference.”

On what first year class has meant to team:
“They have done a great job of integrating themselves with the upperclassmen and the upperclassmen have completely welcomed them. There is no division and it can be different people leading on any given night. It is fun. You never know what is going to happen and who is going to be on so it gives us a lot of flexibility on the bench. We recruited them to come in and contribute and they have done a really good job of doing that. It has put this team in a really good place.”

On rebounding:
“It is better, but we are not where we need to be. There is an emphasis on it every single day in practice. They understand the importance of it, but we still have to do better. That is the one area we need to be better. I think we share the basketball really well this year. We have to dial into rebounding, night in and night out.”

On early ACC schedule:
“Honestly, I know we have Syracuse but I haven’t looked down the road. This non-conference season means a lot if we take care of business because it is going to feel like this, but a notch up.”

Freshman guard Dominique Toussaint
On having whole first year class playing together:
“It makes me happy because it shows coach (Boyle) has faith in us and what we can bring down the road in ACC play. I was really excited to play on the court with my other classmates and I think we did well. I think we have more confidence in each other now heading into ACC play.”

On transition to college:
“The first couple of weeks you have to acclimate to college life and all the responsibilities you have, but the team and coaching staff have helped me get through that. Especially the team, they always have my back. I think it has been pretty smooth.”

Freshman guard Jocelyn Willoughby
On having whole first year class playing together:
“I definitely noticed that there would be four first years starting in the fourth quarter and I think that speaks to our class and the potential impact that we can have on the program. I know that is something that I really wanted to have and I think the other first years wanted to have as well.”

On what gain from this kind of win:
“I think that is a point of growth for this team, being in those tough moments and showing we can pull out a win. It is something that we look forward to because it is something that helps us in the long run, especially when we get into conference play. We know we are going to have to grind out some wins so getting used to that will definitely help us.”

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