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Jan. 15, 2017

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“I’m excited about the win. I thought we had some good runs and finished out the game well. It’s nice to get in the win column. They’re never easy to come by, but it’s nice to get one and keep moving forward.”

On the first ACC win of the season:
“We have to go on the road Thursday and back on the road Sunday. There is nothing easy about this conference. Every night you have to bring everything you have. There is a level of energy and effort that is necessary. You can’t waste possessions. We just talked in the locker room about how every possession matters. We have to value every possession and play hard and play through it. We will be tested on the road, but we need that. We played well in non-conference on the road. We have to be able to take care of business on the road as well as at home.”

On Aliyah Huland El in foul trouble in second half:
“We play ten people. At any particular time, that is the way it is with basketball. It’s going to happen. We have a good reserve bench. These players have played all year, and we have multiple people. It’s not like they’re walking in there as deer in headlights. It creates a little bit more of a challenge offensively for us, but when seniors and upperclassmen step up it makes a difference. There are going to be other times when we have players in foul trouble, but the resilience and finding a way to score will help.”

On outscoring Boston College on turnovers:
“That was one of the things I thought we could try to take advantage of because we are pretty active. We wanted to press a little bit and get after them. When we get more of those turnover opportunities, you get to take a deep breath and not rely consistently on half court offense.”

Senior Guard Breyana Mason
On the impact of her basket late in the game and the team’s overall performance:
I think it was very big for us. It gave us a little cushion. We did a good job coming back on the other end defensively, and getting those stops that we needed throughout the game. This was a little bit of a different game for us with two of our primary scorers in foul trouble, so a lot of other people had to step up and I think people did that tonight.”

Freshman Guard Jocelyn Willoughby
On playing with a brace on her left hand and her team-high nine rebounds:
“I think in the heat of the game I do not really worry about injuries, or anything, so my hand I would not say is a huge factor. Knowing that getting that extra possession can get a good shot, it factors into other aspects of the game. Always trying to be aggressive and track down the ball is something that I look to do.”

On whether finishing a tight game in ACC play displays growth amongst the team:
“I think, as a team, it definitely is a point of growth for us. I know definitely I can do better in that aspect, but as a team we are always looking to grow, whether it is rebounding, finishing, communicating, so there are still areas for us to grow.”

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