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Feb. 2, 2017

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening statement:
“I’m really happy to come away with a win tonight. Credit goes to Georgia Tech. We had a pretty substantial lead and they roared back, fought hard and took it down to the wire. Again, I’m thankful and grateful that we came out of here with a win. I’m proud of the girls for fighting through to the bitter end.”

On being up by 22 and Georgia Tech making a come back:
“They went more to a 1-3-1 defense. We didn’t struggle with it in the first half, but in the second half we got cold and we weren’t making our shots. I thought we got tentative, the ball got stuck on one side of the floor, we didn’t move it as well and we weren’t as aggressive. They went on huge runs without us scoring at all. Defensively, we just allowed them to get offensive rebound after offensive rebound. We didn’t make them work so much, but just gave them second chances.”

On settling for jumpers:
“I think we just got tentative and they saw that they were open, so they just took shots. That’s great, but when you’re not scoring you need to get touches in the paint. I don’t think we did enough penetrating with the zone, kicking in and keeping the ball moving. I felt like it got stuck on one side of the floor and we didn’t shift the defense very much.”

On their success penetrating the floor:
“Yes, that’s their strength. I think we have a really good team this year in understanding player personnel and taking things away from people, and we knew the strengths of this team. Obviously getting offensive rebounds helped them. We have been better at things like this before.”

Senior Guard Breyana Mason
On fixes to improve second half play:
“Just do the things we need to do, as far as rebounding and taking care of the ball. Those have been the two main categories that have hurt us when facing those teams and losing those big leads.”

On experience for freshmen from these close games:
“I think these are great experiences for them to be getting this early on in the year and to be getting it consistently throughout the season. I think it will be great for their growth as they come to the latter part of the season and as we go into the ACC Tournament. It will also be good for them in the future. I think they’re learning a lot and they’re learning from their mistakes and from watching film to clean up their game and get better.”

Junior Guard J’Kyra Brown:
On getting the win after giving up late lead:
“This is what we work on every day in practice, certain situations. We try not to be in those situations all the time, but it is good to prepare for those. I thought we did a great job of being aggressive at the end and coming out with the win.”

On basket at the end of regulation to take the lead:
“I didn’t realize. We don’t focus on the score but we focus on getting back on the defensive end and making stops and then pushing the ball back to the offensive end.”

On first career double-double:
“I didn’t realize that. It was just playing hard for rebounds. If I don’t get the ball, at least get a body in there and get a touch on it. My teammates will get it. It’s just being aggressive, knowing I’m not the tallest out there but size doesn’t matter. Just getting in there and crashing the boards.”

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