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Nov. 16, 2017

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening statement:
“This was just a tough game. A lot of credit to Georgia, they came in and they definitely had an attitude and a will in this game. I don’t think we matched that intensity until the fourth quarter and then we had to play catch up the whole game, it was just tough to do at that point.”

On fourth quarter offense:
“We just started running a lot of quick hitters to [Dominique Toussaint] and [Jocelyn Willoughby], and they got to the rim, got fouled and then went to the free throw line. We didn’t shoot well from the free throw line, 13-of-20, so free throws obviously hurt us. But we had to put the ball in the people’s hands that were scoring for us late in the game, and it was [Dominique Toussaint] and [Jocelyn Willoughby]. But, we just cannot play every game to where two people are scoring for us and running quick hitters for us. So again, we needed to do our work earlier. I thought we got after it defensively, but it took us too long really. We started to get energized when we started making our run, which is great, but we have to start that sooner.”

On reason for turnovers:
“I think they gave great pressure, but there are simple things we can do. I don’t think we did our work early to get open, I thought we were loose with the ball, and we weren’t in triple threat. We didn’t make them pay until the end, which was ground the ball, attack the rim and score and get fouled. I thought we were playing with the ball all over our head and just kind of sloppy with it.

On missed layups:
“I mean we have to go inside. We have to go into our post. Felicia just has to calm down and know that she can make baskets. I mean we have to have a post presence. It’s going to make it easier for our guards. Again, “Fe” will be fine. It’s just about repping her and repping her and telling her she can do it. She just has to relax and finish.”

On Felicia’s confidence:
“She just seemed a step slow tonight. I know Georgia is very quick and fast. We just seemed to be a little off when it came to that. We need to regroup because we have two days and then we are playing a good Dayton team.”

Sophomore Guard, Jocelyn Willoughby

On offensive inconsistencies and prepping for Sunday:
“I think we need to lock in on what we have to do. We have to go back and review the film definitely. We need to look at what we did not do well and what we didn’t execute on. Then we need to make those corrections, whether that is getting open, being more physical with the ball, or making better passes. It’s all the little things that add up obviously. We need to just make sure we learn from our mistakes and get better.”

On not matching Georgia’s intensity:
“It’s disheartening. We play a good rotation of defense and then they get the rebound and then you have to do it all over again. It changes the momentum of the game for us and for them. It gives them more energy and you have to battle your way back. We know this as a team. We know it’s something we have to work on and it’s something that needs to carry over from practice to the game. Starting tomorrow, it’s something we are going to work on. As a captain, I think I have to be more accountable to myself because I didn’t do the best job. I’ll go back and look at film and see what I need to do better and same for the rest of the team.”

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