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Dec. 18, 2017

Final Stats

Joanne Boyle
“Resiliency is a great word to use. We played some possessions poorly, but we never quit. When we needed to get stops we did. [Brown] came up big for us late with some quick-hitters. We wanted to the ball in her hand at the end and she delivered down the stretch for us to get those points.”

“It was still a close game so if you miss a free throw you get the possession back and on one of them we got two possessions back. The more we can be on point with attention to detail and 50-50 balls, charges, getting loose balls and free throws — those add up and I think that pushed the lead for us today.”

“It was a great weekend, going on the road and winning two. We talked about coming down here with a little relaxation after finals but when it was time to play it was all about business. They took care of business and I am proud of them for going on the road and taking two games.”

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