OMAHA, Neb. – Three members of the Virginia wrestling team are through to the quarterfinals with five more wrestlers still looking to place in the consolation rounds after the first day of freestyle competition at the United World Wrestling U23 and Junior Nationals on Saturday (Nov. 14).

The event is being wrestled at the CHI Health Center and will resume at 10 a.m. ET on Sunday (Nov. 15).

Jay Aiello (Chantilly, Va.) and Jake Keating (Naperville, Ill.) are through to the quarterfinals at the U23 level, while Justin McCoy (New Paris, Pa.) is through to the quarterfinals at the Junior National level.

Also still competing in the consolation brackets and looking to place are Michael Battista (Ashburn, Va.), Vic Marcelli (Massillon, Ohio) and Quinn Miller (Lilburn, Ga.) at the U23 level. Evan Buchanan (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Patrick McCormick (Poquoson, Va.) are still competing in the consolation bracket at the Junior National level.

The event serves as the 2021 World Team Trials qualifier with the winner of each weight class securing a bid to the 2021 Senior World Team Trials and Junior World Team Trials, if age eligible.

Fans can follow the action through several different methods provided by FloWrestling. Brackets are available through FloArena for free, while matches will also be streamed to anyone with a FloWrestling subscription.

Brian Courtney
R32: Courtney VPO1 Jack Wagner, 8-2
R16: Michael Colaiocco VSU Courtney, 10-0 (1:21)
Conso. R16-2: Courtney medical forfeit to Matt Santos

Jake Keating
R64: Keating VPO1 Jonathan Ross, 18-13
R32: Keating VSU Marshall Keller, 10-0 (4:10)
R16: Keating VSU1 Felix Belga, 12-2 (1:11)
QF: Keating vs. Isaac Judge

Michael Battista
R32: Battista VSU Michael Kordek, 10-0 (4:53)
R16: Nelson Brands VPO1 Battista, 4-2
Conso. R16-2: Battista VPO1 Kelby Hawkins, 8-4
Conso. R8-1: Battista vs. Marcelli

Vic Marcelli
R32: Marcelli VPO1 Myles Wilson, 9-8
R16: Dakota Howard VPO1 Marcelli, 6-6
Conso. R16-2: Marcelli VSU1 Austin Eldredge, 12-2 (5:36)
Conso. R8-1: Marcelli vs. Battista

Robby Patrick
Patrick VSU1 Evan Lawrence, 13-2 (5:23)
R16: David McFadden VSU Patrick, 10-0 (1:18)
Conso. R16-2: Trey Sizemore VSU1 Patrick, 13-2 (3:28)

Jay Aiello
R16: Aiello VSU Tucker Tomlinson, 10-0 (3:21)
QF: Aiello vs. Kordell Norfleet

Quinn Miller
R32: Miller VFA Michael Burchell, 2:11
R16: Ethan Laird VPO1 Miller, 5-2
Conso. R16-2: Miller VSU1 Jared Campbell, 13-2 (2:27)
Conso. R8-1: Miller vs. Aaron Johnson 

Josiah Encarnacion
R128: Encarnacion VFA Mac Martinez, 1:44
R64: Cullan Schriever VSU Encarnacion, 10-0 (5:06)
Conso. R32-1: Encarnacion VPO1 Zachary Wright, 10-8
Conso. R32-2: Encarnacion VPO1 Jake Stritesky, 11-8
Conso. R16-1: Jake Svirhel VPO1 Encarnacion, 13-6

Patrick McCormick
R64: Matthew Ramos VSU1 McCormick, 13-3 (5:35)
Conso. R32-1: McCormick VSU1 Dawson Collins, 10-7 (5:43)
Conso. R32-2: McCormick VPO1 Caleb Smith, 11-8
Conso. R16-1: McCormick VFA Austin Kegley, 2:10
Conso. R16-2: McCormick VPO1 Andrew Chambal, 6-4
Conso. R8-1: McCormick vs. Ryan Miller

Evan Buchanan
R64: Buchanan VSU Stone Moscovic, 10-0 (1:47)
R32: Buchanan VPO1 Dayne Morton, 2-1
R16: Ridge Lovett VSU Buchanan, 10-0 (2:52)
Conso. R16-2: Buchanan VSU1 Caleb Lazure, 11-0 (5:39)
Conso. R8-1: Buchanan vs. Daniel Kimball

Patrick Noonan
R64: Robert Precin VPO1 Noonan, 8-2
Conso. R32-1: Noonan VPO1 Nick Masters, 19-16
Conso. R32-2: Dominick Serrano VPO1 Noonan, 8-7

Luca Errico
R64: Errico VSU Ian Sandoz, 10-0 (0:20)
R32: Jaden Le VSU1 Errico, 19-8 (3:44)
Conso. R32-2: Wyatt Turnquist VSU1 Errico, 13-2 (0:50)

Noah Villareal
R64: Villareal VSU1 Basil Othman, 15-4 (5:31)
R32: Michael Burnett VSU Villareal, 10-0 (2:29)
Conso. R32-2: Villareal VSU Camden Baarda, 10-0 (0:58)
Conso. R16-1: Daniel Meeker VPO1 Villareal, 18-10

Justin McCoy
R64: McCoy VSU1 Chase Saldate, 16-6 (5:23)
R32: McCoy VSU Carter Schmidt, 10-0 (4:12)
R16: McCoy VSU Kasper McIntosh, 10-0 (2:40)
QF: McCoy vs. Fidel Mayora

Krystian Kinsey
R32: Tanner Updegraff VPO1 Kinsey, 6-1
Conso. R32-2: Kinsey VSU Augustus Irwin, 10-0 (1:51)
Conso. R16-1: Tate Battani VPO1 Kinsey, 8-6

Ethan Weatherspoon
R64: Neil Antrassian VSU1 Weatherspoon, 19-6 (3:55)
Conso. R32-1: Michael Doggett VPO1 Weatherspoon, 14-10

Jessie Knight
R32: Hunter Katka VSU Knight, 10-0 (0:22)
Conso. R16-2: Jacob Slinger VSU Knight, 11-0 (1:26)